15th Birthday Wishlist

  • 1. Good health 
  • 2. Safety of my Family – Of course you don’t want to see your loved ones in danger, right?
  • 3. Good grades – Yep. Good of all good grades. Specially in Maaaaaath!!! Who doesn’t want good grades, ey?
  • 4. To have new friends and to keep the old ones – I want to have new friends who will also understand and appreciate me. At syempre, sana kaibigan ko pa rin yung mga friends ko ngayon. *wink*
  • 5. Travel – There comes this time where I just want to go away from home and explore new places and meet different people. I want to go in Japan or Singapore later this year, or just anywhere here in the Philippines.
  • 6. New clothes – I really want to go shopping for new clothes for my birthday. I should’ve placed this at number one but health is a lot necessary.
  • 7. Katy Perry concert tickets – Her concert tour  can happen next year or in 2016? Who knows? But I think it’s too early for me to buy a ticket. And the price? Uhmm, nevermind. 
  • 8. Stable internet/Pocket wifi – I really need this but PLDT really sucks big time. Will definitely switch!
  • 9. Oil paint & Canvas – The bigger, the better! I have less time for painting but I’ll try to insert it on my sched. (Naks! May sched!)
  • 10. Room renovation – Spacespacespace. Yup, I need s p a c e. I feel so congested inside my room. Or is it just because I’m big? Hmm.
  • 11. Watercolour pencil / Art tools – I always tweet this if you notice. I’ve been addicted to calligraphy and watercolor portraits lately. Specially when I see artists on Instagram who post their work! I am suuuuuper inspired to do one next time!    
  • 12. Stop growing – I have to stop growing….taller. I will always be contented with my height now. Ayoko ng tumangkaaaaaaaad! This is weird but please, Lord, please.
  • 13. Save & earn moneeeey – Hey, you should save up, nigga. 
  • 14. Happiness – Pure happiness. Happy happy happy happy. Not Pharrell okay.
  • 15. Positive outlook – Things can really change if you start to think positive. Let go of the negativity and start being optimistic and appreciate everything. Life goes on!

These are just some of my birthday wishes. So a genie is  irrelevant when it comes to my point of view. And my last wish, is to manage this blog as much as I can, as much as I want. Welcome to my so-called own world.

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