July is my birthday month and so far this is the most tiring yet fun month of the year. With all those projects and school stuff specially MATH, I still find time to enjoy and be free. I want to share you five things that I really love at this moment. 

1. “You Who Came from the Stars”  – I love the story so much! Do Min-Joon and Cheon Song-Yi’s chemistry is kilig! Haha! I’m inlove with Min Joon and Hee Kyung’s winter outfits. And the architecture of their houses. Classic!

2. Starbucks’ Caramel Ribbon Crunch  – Just tasted this a while ago and guess what, it’s PERFECT! It’s way too different from the frappucino. Those caramel bits are love!

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Nomnomnom. No explanation for this.

4. Uncle Cheffy – Food. Food. I ate in this restaurant twice in this week. Birthday treeeaaaats! I love their Panizzas and Platters. Yummers!

5. Mike Quyen’s blog – I first followed him on Lookbook because of his style. But when I saw his blog, I was like – WOW! His whimsical photography is just perfect. It’s surreal!

Time to face another week. Just two weeks before finals. Time flies so faaaaaaaaast! Oh Geez. 

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