And….. I’m back after the long long hiatus! Anyway, I would love to share my 2015 bucket list with you because I’m super excited for the year to come and I was too busy reflecting and thinking of the things I’ve made,I haven’t done, and the things I regret doing this year. The list I’m going to share will be very short and it’s just 25 items out of my super looooong list! Here are just some of the things I can’t wait to do this 2015!

  1. Have good grades – Nah, I hate studying but I want good grades, And as I write this post, I’m thinking of the chemistry quiz on Monday. Worst. Nightmare.Ever.
  2. Plans for Prom – I am so excited for this event since it’s our first time. I wish and pray for my plans to happen. (I don’t have a date,huh.)
  3. Learn how to drive – Really can’t wait to learn how to drive! That’s so cool!
  4. Travel more – I’d love to go aroud the Philippines this year! And the top three places outside the country that I want to visit : New York, Tokyo, Paris. Wanderlust attacks!
  5. Meet one of my favorite celebrities – I’ll leave you clueless!
  6. Update this blog – As much as I want to, I can’t update this everyday because of school. That just sucks.
  7. Paint and Draw more – And more and more. 30 paintings for this year? I can do this!
  8. Exhibit artworks – I’ve done this earlier this year and I can’t wait to do it again. This time, a big exhibit! Bigger venue, having a target audience and everything! 
  9. Learn how to surf and wakeboard – Surfing really sounds fun!
  10. Not to sweat the small stuff – Ignore the negativity? I’ll try,I’ll try.
  11. Construct a house extension / Renovation – I’ve been searching for nice houses and plans and I’ve been working on this since July. Really can’t wait to see my drawings come to life!
  12. Write a book – And publish it of course! This is one of my goals.
  13. Own a new gadget – Hmmm. It’s time to invest on good gadgets. A nice camera will do! 
  14. Have good skin – Wishing for an acne-free year. *cries*
  15. Braces – Oh, um, wait. What?
  16. Be featured on a magazine – This time, I want to feature and expose my artworks to others!
  17. Dream concert ticket – 1989 and Prismatic World tour tickets! And a VIP pass! Aaaaah!!!
  18. Mix and match old and new pieces – I have to do this. I don’t care if I repeat clothes. 
  19. Lose weight – Now this is the real wish. Don’t lose hope, lose weight. 
  20. Ditch junk food – That explains it all.
  21. Finish a book – Any good reads?
  22. Tweet less – Only if I can but my favorite tweets are now selected!
  23. To not grow taller – Basically, I can’t ride tricycles and jeepneys because I’m not used to it and Damn!
  24. Think positive – Being optimistic is one of my major dilemmas.
  25. God above all – After all, God is all that really matters!

And that’s it! Looking forward to a bright, burning 2015! How about you? What are your plans? Happy New Year!

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