January Portraits

The past month was really a roller coaster ride—fast and it suddenly goes up and down. January is usually my hangover month because it’s the first month of the year and you still can’t move on from the past year. Am I right? If I were given the luxury to really do whatever I want to do, I would ditch these school works and focus on something I really loved doing—painting. Fortunately, I managed to do two portraits this month.


My first work for the year is Pope Francis in line with His recent Papal visit. This painting has given me so much opportunities and this created a buzz. I sincerely hope that I can hand this to Pope Francis himself someday.


And my latest portrait is Georgina Wilson. Forever crush! I hope she can see this one.


I am currently doing a portrait for Anne Curtis. Two portraits in one month will do. Now who am I going to paint next, Ed Sheeran or Ariana Grande?

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