9 Lessons from 9th Grade: Vol. 1

Ten school days, ten school days. Another school year is about to end and a new summer diary is about to unfold. It was a daredevil ride, not a roller coaster one. This (school) year has been the most difficult one I’ve ever known and that it gets more and more difficult through time. But I’ve learned so much from everything that life has thrown in front of me.

  • Know what you want  –  This will determine what you want to do later in your life. Know your strengths and weaknesses and accept them.
  • You are not perfect – You are not, and you’ll never be.
  • Do what you want to do – Whatever it is, do it. Now. 
  • Know who your real friends are – It’s okay to make new friends, but always assure that they’re the ones who will help you in your lowest point. Don’t always trust anyone because not everyone has a good heart. And it’s definitely okay to distance yourself from fake friends.
  • It’s okay to say “NO!” – Absolutely. If something’s unappetizing, never sign up for it.
  • Fake confidence – Trust me, this will take you to places and will eventually turn out into real confidence.
  • Haters gonna hate – When you know that someone doesn’t like you for being you or for what you’re doing, just ignore that person and let him suffer. Keep in mind that not everyone will like you and you can’t please everyone. 
  • Sleep tight – When everything seems to not go on your way, doze off. 
  • Pray – Whatever happens, just always pray and pray and pray ad infinitum. 

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