9 Lessons from 9th Grade: Vol. 2

I’ve been waiting for summer patiently and save this one butI can’t help but post it right away. I count on the littlest things that make
me inspired, motivated and feel great. This makes me want to end the academic
year leaving you fearless and unstoppable and may you kick start this week with
a load of motivation!  

  • Don’t be so self-centered – The world doesn’t revolve around
    you so don’t be too arrogant.
  • Never take anything too seriously – You. will. die. I swear.
  • Try to not be carelessly rude to people who don’t deserve it
    – Beware of your actions, mind you, think first if the person deserves to be stabbed.
  • Words are powerful – They can either make you, or break you.
  • Destroy what destroys you – It’s time for you to wreck that
  • It doesn’t always go your way – Some things are supposed to
    happen at the right time, at the right place, with the right people. God has
    the perfect timing for everything.
  • Grades won’t define your self-worth – If you have a problem
    with those numbers, just remember that you are worthy and you are important.
    You are not useless. You are someone else.
  • Leave those grudges – Leave them behind and move on.
  • Keep your priorities straight – What matters goes first.

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