I have no idea where to start. This idea was from a foreign blogger which I knew through a local influencer. Sharing with you things that are currently making me a busy bee. Summer had its comeback and that’s good news.



The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Suggest some good reads please!


This blog post. Plus lots of art ideas. Can’t wait to dosomething I’ve never done before. (PS. It’s about art)


I have been addicted to Everything is Sound by Jason Mraz
lately. So relaxing and uplifting.


All about my summer plans. I need a three-month break away
from everything.


Chocolate-covered potato chips. Yummy but super duper
fattening. This is not good, to be honest.


That every day will be a great day.


For the very best. And hoping for a summer getaway.


A classic white button down.


The feeling when you don’t have to wake up extra early for


A movie marathon with…myself…. 🙂


All I need is a new laptop.


Happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time and in
the best way. Literally. I am serious.



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