Summer’s slowly sinking in and I’ve got lots to do! I’m
claiming that this will be an occupied and worthwhile break. So much has to be
done in the months to come and with hope, I can make room for some stuff that I
am itching to do.

1. Paint ten faces I’ve done 2 out of ten since the last day of school. Little did you know that I literally get giddy whenever I realise that I made two portraits in the first week of summer. Also, if you’re wondering why I call them paintings it’s because pointilism is a form of painting. 

2. Lose weight God knows that I’ve done all that I can just to let this happen. Hahaha! Binge drinking green tea forever and always.  

3. 3M & B – If you’re wondering what this is, this acronym stands for Movies, magazines and music and books. And more books. I just love reading magazines and whatnots and mind you, you’ll acquire lots of things from them.

4. Summer getaway Really dying to go to the beach. I’ve been dreaming of a Mt. Pinatubo trek also! 

5. Go on a day without social media This may sound crazy but perhaps the easiest thing to do. I ain’t kidding! I can go on a week without checking facebook.  

How’s summer so far? Hope you all enjoy this short time off!

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