Andrei: What’s about my name?

Whats in my name

First off, my name is Andrei Mari Chilian. But let’s stick to the first one. There are times when I really want to change my first name. When I was about ten or eleven, I want everyone to call me Andy because I was so obsessed with Toy Story back then and I was thinking that Andy might also be a good nickname for Andrei. My parents and other friends call me ‘Drei’ for short. And sometimes, ‘Dre’. I used to question myself before as to why I was named Andrei because mine has different spellings all over the world. Some people often misspell my name as Andrie, Andre and sometimes, Andrien or Adrian (like what the hell actually). Shout out to all teachers, baristas and others who have misspelled my name over the years. Kidding! Apparently, my number one concern is that I share the same name with a celebrity. And little did you know that people often follow me just cause they think I’m him. Duuuh. I want to make a name for myself and not be known as the second Andre or simply the name-alike or namesake. So if you’re keeping up with my posts ’cause you think I’m an actor slash basketball player, you can either unsubscribe or stay with me. Haha!

One time I was checking Camie’s blog and I stumbled upon her post about her name. Curiosity killed the cat so I checked my name on this website and to my surprise, everything was so accurate as if it were my parents who know me very well!

Andrei is a Romanian form of Andrew and a variant Russian and Bulgarian transcription of Andrey. 

Numbers : 6, 6 and 9

Who is he?

Andrei is a pleasant and an agreeable man, who is not without a certain charm. Of exemplary responsibility in both his professional and personal lives, he is equally a man who can be counted upon. Such maturity and consideration, along with his mild and protective disposition make being in his presence a pleasant and reassuring experience.

  • His is the shoulder that feels good to cry on, which doesn’t bother him at all because he is happy to give advice and truly cares about those around him. True. I’m always happy to help my friends and those people I care about. 
  • He can’t bear an unpleasant atmosphere for very long Yup, my mom can attest to this.
  • Quite often, Andrei is a sophisticated and  courteous man with a great love of harmony and beauty. Yes.
  • Obliging and peace loving, he is tactful and diplomatic, and above all, a gentleman.  – Uhmm, tactful maybe. 
  • His acute sense of justice often causes him to feel intense anger occasionally cumulating with an ‘explosion’. – Yeah right. Justice in all forms must be served. Lol. 
  • Intuitive and perceptive, he is observant and in possession of a sharp, analytical mind as well as a flair for detail. – This is super true about me. You just can’t ignore the details!
  • Lastly, Andrei is a perfectionist and his willpower depends predominantly on his level of motivation. – So true. Perfectionists reunite!

What does he like? 

  • Andrei wants to charm everyone’s socks off, and he hates conflict and aggression. Yes. So yes. I have that charm but I’m not a people pleaser. Sometimes though, I rehearse what I’m going to say in case I’m going to be involved in a conflict. 
  • A perfectionist, verging on obsessive, he can’t help but focus on the details. He can be known for splitting hairs (ranting over petty things).As I’ve said earlier, details are very very important as they make the bigger picture. My parents know that I also love ranting about little things. Hehe.
  • This could manifest as  an exaggerated sense of order and punctuality. He can be anxious when things don’t go as planned. The oc in me rejoiced as I read this. That’s what planners are for. 
  • Romantically, he’s just as demanding and always gets what he wants through manipulation if necessary because he understands intimately the intricate workings of others’ minds. I am a demanding and a high-maintenance kid. I think it’s because I’ve been an only child for ten years that’s why I grew up like this (super demanding). 

What does he do? 

Several directions are possible:

  1. The social and healthcare fields ( paramedic, pharmacology, and nutrition)
  2. The legal fields ( lawyer, solicitor, magistrate or clerk)
  3. The fields of parapsychology or psychology as well as
  4. The artistic and aesthetic professions

If life doesn’t give the choice, it would undoubtedly be due to the influence of his family. (he can take over the family business). He can seek a profession that demands precision (watchmaker or jeweler or dental technician) or in connection with property management, decoration, cuisine, gastronomy or travel. 

Check yours right here!

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