You already know that summer is on its deathbed, and school is on its way. And I never not had a love hate relationship with summer. I love the free days, and getaways, and I hate being bored and waking up late. When summer’s just about to start, I can barely wait to do all the stuff I planned to do. And as a couch potato, I was a bit skeptical if I can do all the work I planned last December to February. I was afraid that my time will go to waste by absolutely doing nothing. I hated working during the first two weeks of summer just because my mind and body haven’t had enough relaxation after the ten months of school. But after all, I made up my mind so as to get things done. Finally, I crossed out five out of five on my summer bucket list.



You know it’s such a great feeling when you did something your way and it’s something productive. I traveled, shopped, painted, read articles, listened to good music, blogged, binge watched, etcetera. What I’m sharing here is just 10% of what’s happening in my life on a daily basis. I’ve done so much more than you know. This season has made me feel blessed, positive, and has changed my outlook. Just the best summer ever. And since it’s about to end, I am hoping for a good academic year and a better life. Looking forward to having new friends, learning new things and exploring the world. Come what may. Let’s do this.

What about you? How’s your summer? 🙂

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