Height Matters

When people ask me if I play basketball, I immediately say “NO!” because I just don’t get why people often stereotype tall people as basketball players. Yes, I’m tall, but I hate basketball.  Can your height really dictate what you have to do with your life? So kung matangkad ako, required na mag-basketball ako, ganon? No. Never. When people say “Sayang height mo! You better use it!” It’s offensive promise. No one has the right to dictate what I have to do. I find it so irritating when we do that activity where you’ll pass your paper with your name written on it and others would write something about you and just see two statements for you. It will either be “Tangkad mo!” or “Can you please give me your height?”. Sorry, my height genes aren’t for sale.

Standing at 6’2″ at 15, others would think I’m a college student. Whenever I bump into my tita’s who are -0.886% familiar, they’d ask “What’s your course?” or “You’re so tall! Parang kailan lang kinakarga kita!” or “Saan ka nag-college, iho?” I get that a lot. All the damn time. Sometimes I would want to answer back but I shouldn’t.  I’m getting used to it anyway. Back when I was 9, I really didn’t think I’m tall. It just came to a point where I realized I’m big because I was always at the back of the line in school. Frankly, it feels odd when I buy clothes before because I buy at the men’s section rather than the kid’s or teen’s section. That was very odd for an eleven year old like me way back then. It just feels the same if you’re short or tall. Mas elevated at marami ka lang makikita pag matangkad ka. But does height really matter? I don’t know. But there are opportunities and obstacles of being tall. I’ve stated before that it’s better when you’re small or average but hey, I love my height now. I am grateful for being tall!

What I love about being tall :

  • People look up to you – Whenever I go out, some people just stare at me without uttering a word. I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure it has something to do about my height.
  • You can reach high places others cannot – I have no difficulty in reaching things above me. Specially electric fans in classrooms. Duh.
  • You’ll never be physically bullied – Love this forever. Big smack in the face for bullies! Though I am also a bully sometimes. Bullies are afraid to instigate cat fights when you’re taller than them.
  • Higher self-esteem – You look down to others (literally) when you are tall. You feel better knowing the fact that you’re not like everyone else.
  • You get a better view of things – Talk about concerts. Everyone’s stretching out their limbs just to see the performer while you’re just there, chilling like a villain, knowing that not everyone can hurt or step on you.
  • You can walk faster than ever – Longer limbs mean longer strides if you’re left behind. It’s all worth it, promise.
  • You’ll leave a mark on people’s minds – They’ll remember you easily because you can be spotted immediately.

What I hate:

  • Back pains – Never. Ending. Back. Pains. I’m in the process of improving my posture so I’ll look better.
  • You can’t ride tricycles, jeepneys or small vehicles – I’d rather walk to be honest. Plus when you’re stuck in traffic and you can’t even move freely inside the vehicle you’re in. Biggest pet peeve ever. Small cars are also knee killers.
  • Long legs call for longer pants – That’s why I always wear shorts because I can’t find the perfect pants for my height. I also prefer slim fit clothing to emphasize my height!
  • You need a bigger bed – Apparently my bed’s just right for me.
  • You can’t hide – Why wasn’t I born as a ninja?!
  • Low ceilings and shower heads – Hate hate hate hate it when shower heads are just two inches above my head like seriooooously.

If I were to list down everything about my love hate relationship with my stature, one blog post isn’t enough. This post wasn’t published for you to feel inferior. I am just stating things which are true based on my point of view. Be grateful for who you are and just be proud! Keep your head high and chin up. Height is just a distance from your head to toe after all. There’s nothing you can’t do.

PS. I may look intimidating but I am not. I promise.

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