16 Wishes

Sixteen wishes for my sixteenth year on earth. Another year and another chapter, may this year be worthwhile and fantastic. Remember, we’re growing up, not growing old.

1. Black suedes – I tend to be lazy when I’m on that what-shoes-to-choose part when I go out. Suedes and oxfords are my new thing, and you never get underdressed with suedes.

2. Lightweight blazer – Such is a statement piece that you never get to see elsewhere. Hoping for colder days to be honest.

3. Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen – Cannot not leave home without a smudge of sunscreen. This heat’s too strong that I can’t stay under the sun for so long. 

4. Garage magazines – Little did I know that this magazine’s the perfect style mag for me. I urge you, Mom, to buy me one.

5. Wide-brim fedora – Hats are my new thing and I’m hunting for the perfect one. Black fedoras are always so cool.

6. Knitted jumpers – It’s never inappropriate to wear jumpers in our country, right?

7. White button downs – Hi Dad and Mom, I know you’re reading this. Alam niyo na. 🙂

8. Wayfarers – Ashton Sunnies.

9. Starbucks and Sodexo gc’s – Hi guys, bring me gc’s and I’ll paint you. Ha-ha!

10. More blog readers – And more and more. Kind of want to share my blog on facebook but Tita’s and relatives might be.. uhm.. you know..

11. Meet Anne & Liza – No words. No words.

12. Visit the National Museum – It’ll be nice to see my painting there someday. Someday.

13. Another exhibit – Plus a blog launching, I guess?

14. Real blog – Mommy, daddy, Hi. I hope this wish will come true. 🙂 🙂

15. Donate clothes – Planning to do this before but I don’t know how, where, when. Probably donating half of my clothes, if ever, to make room for new ones.

16. Live happily.

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