I’m Sixteen

“Is this a dream, or is this real life?” I can’t fathom how I’ve lived for sixteen years and make it until today. God is so great. Thank you Lord for everything. You will always and forever be the big guy in the sky! I love you. Running out of words isn’t my thing but good lord, thank you. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have a wonderful life such as this. Although there were times that I feel bad about certain things, considering that life wasn’t always that fun, I am grateful enough to live this kind of life that no one will experience. Life is a do or die ride for an ambivert like me. Shyness often come along the way but in time, I know that I’ll face whatever life throws at me confidently.

Sixteen’s a beautiful number but as you reach sixteen, you’ll regret not enjoying your time when you were younger. (If you’re young and you’re reading this, I urge you to enjoy your younger years as soon as possible. Trust me.) Growing up is the biggest trap ever and you can’t escape. I am two years away from the legal age and thinking about it seems terrifying just cause I am not ready to leave the less responsibilities stage. A lot can happen in a year and that’s what I’m certain of. Who knows what might happen next? Where will I be in the next five, ten, fifteen years? What’s in store for me? I solemnly swear to enjoy this sixteenth chapter and look forward to brighter things.

To mom and dad, and my brother included, thank you thank you thank you so much. No words can explain how thankful and blessed I am to have you as my family. I really can’t thank you enough. I thank you mom and dad for being my number one fan and for being my best friends. Seriously speaking, I can’t imagine my life without both of you by my side. I love both of you so much, Mom and Dad. I wouldn’t be me without you.

To my friends, I’d like, and love actually, to thank you for keeping up with me and my rants. I can’t imagine my life without you. Craziness has brought us closer and I hope that nothing will ever set us apart. Hoping for more chitchats and libots with you. You guys know who you are. 🙂

To everyone around me, thanks for allowing me to spend some time of my life with you. Hoping that I could still know more about you and me also. Thank you for making every page of this chapter meaningful.

To the people reading and liking some of my blog posts, I appreciate it. I hope you’ll stay with me until I finally launch a real blog with my own domain and everything that I can’t wait to share with you.

Thank you all so much for making my life extra special. You are a constant reminder of how lucky I am in life. I am sixteen.


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