On Dressing Well as form of Good Manners

They say when you are under-dressed, you’re a slob. When you’re stylish, you’re conceited. In my case, I view dressing up as a mere expression as well as a form of manners and respect. It’s not simply about how you look, what you wear, and how you carry something. Everything’s about representing yourself. Dressing well gives people a good impression of you that will stay in their minds forever. I remember dressing up like a total slob years ago – plain shirt, loose pants, crocs sans the accessories. For a ten year-old me, that was the perfect ootd before. Truth be told, not everyone can dress up well just because they think that it requires you to wear certain brands and some do think that it asks you to be broke. Presenting yourself well isn’t hard, and it isn’t too easy either. Just doing it well makes it perfect! You might think that repeating clothes is too lame but hey, come to think of it, you won’t buy something you love and just use it once, am I right? Someone out there might just label you as an ‘outfit-repeater’ but the repetition of an outfit which makes you feel great is inevitable. This year alone, I’ve repeated that white button down and black shorts number for almost five times already. But, I repeat outfits whenever I go to new places and that’s OKAY.

DSC00820DSC00831 DSC00817Going back, dressing up well is a form of good manners, Tom Ford says. You have the capability to wear something that will represent yourself to the world. It’s also a sign of a good upbringing and respect for everyone around you. Everyone should know that what you wear can describe what you feel and what you think. Style can also figure out who you are. I wouldn’t want to go out looking sluggish wearing clothes that I randomly picked out of my wardrobe. Also, I’ll never go out without grooming myself. Believe me, neglecting your personal appearance makes you feel unpleasant. Never go out looking like a lazy bum or else, that laziness to fix yourself will stay on others’ minds and you don’t want that. Keep in mind that you have to look presentable all the time. It’s better to be prepared than sorry. I’m not saying that you should look perfectly polished. You aren’t required to wear signature clothing but rather, know what looks good on you. Know your personal style that fits you. I see people wearing and trying out different clothes, and that’s probably alright. The thing is, they don’t know what looks good on them. They’d rather wear such because it’s what’s hot right now, but not everyone can pull it off. People simply wear something just ’cause they think that they look ‘cool’ but they don’t, actually. Seeing people wear trendy clothes kind of disgust me. I am against that “wear whatever the hell you want to wear” mantra. It takes time to figure out what fits you like a glove. Experimenting with clothes does the job. It makes you informed about what you have to wear, and what not to try out. Don’t ever look boring and don’t get overdressed just to look good. DSC00843 DSC00857DSC00852
After all, dressing up well can earn you respect and leaves a good first impression to people. Hoping that you’ll wear something to express, not to impress. It’s a matter of ‘pull-it-off’ kind of thing. Wear clothes that make you look confident, smart and dapper. Walk with your head high and your chin up and stop worrying about what others might think. As long as you have the capacity to wear something confidently, as long as you have the knowledge about what fits you, you don’t have to worry. You also should know that you don’t have to have that perfectly proportioned body to look good. Looking your best might be time consuming but everything’s worth it.

Denim jacket from Wrangler, Button down from Forever 21, Shorts from Topman, Watch from Kenneth Cole

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