The Happy List : Vol. 6

  1. Good ass grades – Not that I want to brag, but hey, I deserve these! Knowing that everything gets harder as time passes, getting good grades during these times is something you can’t keep quiet about.
  2. When something good happens unexpectedly – Happiness is when good things come when you least expect them.
  3. Sunnies specs – Enduring the unwanted nose line marks after wearing specs for ten hours. For anti-allergy purpose only, enough said.
  4. Shortened periods – Nothing beats going home early and spending time doing house chores. Not even kidding.
  5. Getting through traffic – Legit success. Traffic is inevitable.
  6. Crisp white clothes – The minimalist in me is very delighted. Crisp white shirts and skinny jeans are the norm.
  7. Spending your own money when shopping – ………’til I drop.
  8. Lemon bars – Indeed sweet, but fattening.
  9. Co-ords – New eye-candy.
  10. Enjoying good life – So grateful for everything. Thanks to You!
  11. Having a positive outlook – Seek out the good in everything.
  12. Catching up with friends – Coffee runs and some fastfood fix. My wallet’s crying.
  13. 1989
  14. The feels after finishing a tv series 
  15. Appreciating everything and everyone around me – This has gotta be the good life. ❤

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