White Up, Black Down

I am quite fond of sporting Korean stars lately. Cue oversized jumpers, wide brimmed hats, wayfarers, among others. Being quite happy that I managed to produce a style post after a month-long hiatus. School is currently taking its toll and it has managed to affect my body clock. I’m obviously not enjoying the latter. Promising myself that I have to produce at least two posts a month for this blog’s sake.

Moving on to what I’m wearing, I have devoted myself to white shirts lately. I’d rather be taunted with the fact that I repeat this outfit every time than being someone who wears something he can’t pull off. Little did you know that I spent time basking under the sun for long [just to shoot these photos] sans the sunscreen.

DSC01744 DSC01738
DSC01735 DSC01758 DSC01786
DSC01746 DSC01764 DSC01802

Uniqlo button down. Sunnies Studios “Nico” wayfarers. Rockport shoes.

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