Denim Dilemma








The fact that I’ve risked doing an afternoon shoot and having a post-slumber face makes this post look quite hazy. First, the unretouched photos look dark as I rushed to shoot these right before the drizzle. Whilst shooting, I tried my very best not to be seen by anyone because I am actually after the white brick wall which is the ideal background for my look. And lo and behold, I survived and hopefully, no one saw me strike a pose for this blog’s sake.

Wearing head-to-toe Uniqlo was never new to me. It has always been one of my favourite brands and most of my wardrobe was from the said store. Uniqlo has the most comfortable lightweight denim pants which other brands don’t have. Dubbed as tapered air jeans or ‘Miracle Air’, these pants make you feel like wearing air to be honest. It makes you look slimmer and stylish as well.

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