Little act of kindness

As we were on our way home, a street kid approached my service and was asking for money. Our driver refused but I asked him if he’d like food instead, he said yes. I gave him my excess baon and I can really see the sparkle in his eyes. He said thanks and ran away to go back to his place. Whilst staring at him from afar, I noticed that he smelled it upon opening. From what I saw, I can tell that he’s really hungry as I saw him smiling after he smelled.  Surprisingly, he divided it into two and gave the other half to his friend or brother and they ate it altogether. We went through and he was smiling at me while I glared at him. He was waving good bye as we got going. I don’t know what to feel.

There’s that mixture of  happiness and sadness in my heart. I was glad that I made someone happy but kind of sad because I know he has to do this everyday. You know, if I could only share my food everyday to the needy, I won’t think twice but do it. I was thinking, “Yun na nga lang ang meron siya, shinare niya pa sa iba. Wow.” ,”Bakit di ako ganon?!?!“,”Bakit ang hirap magbigay kahit alam mong sobra sobra naman ang sa’yo?”.

A little kindness goes a long long way, trust me.  Sometimes we fail to realize that some acts of goodness towards others can bring a change to some, but if practiced by everybody, it can bring about a big change to the world.

You know, I know I have more than what I really need but sometimes why do I always forget how to share what I have with others? Am I that selfish? Am I that arrogant? I can’t tell. I am posting this not to share on sns that I just helped a poor kid, no. I am sharing this for every one to think that we can help others even in little ways. And if we all do the same, the world would be a better place to live in. Promise.

“No one is too rich that he needs nothing; and no one is too poor that he can’t give anything.”

Andrei, 11/27/15 6:11 p.m.

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