1. Basketball? No, thanks.
  2. I want things as organized as possible.
  3. I like to crack jokes but don’t take them too seriously, eh?
  4. I think faster when I’m in front of my laptop.
  5. I hate cockroaches, frogs, mice, worms and creepy crawlers. Ew.
  6. My Math skills? I’m so sorry.
  7. I love to paint.
  8. I have good cyberstalking skills. Trust me.
  9. Whenever I get pimples, they only last overnight. *happy dance*
  10. I don’t eat ampalaya
  11. Sometimes I want to have abs but I love eating so much.
  12. I despise unorganized people. I just can’t stand dirty (literally) people and places.
  13. I never wear stripes.
  14. I love giraffes because I am one.
  15. I believe in mermaids.
  16. I dislike rave parties and night outs. #whatissociallife
  17. I  hate annoying kids. Sarap itapon! Joke lang.
  18. People think I’m intimidating and scary, but I am not. PROMISE.
  19. I list down my expenses everyday.
  20. My height will always be a force to reckon with.
  21. Taking pictures of myself will always be my fave pastime.
  22. I’ve always dreamed of going to Myeongdong (Korea), Paris, and New York.
  23. I love to read magazines, blogs, articles, and inspirational books.
  24. Not a fan of novels and romantic movies.
  25. I am overdosed with coffee.
  26. Stars and planets never fail to catch my attention.
  27. I used to be a slob. Before. Lahat naman dumaan sa jeje stage, di ba? 
  28. My favorite fruit is banana.
  29. I’m a sucker for clear skies, windy days, and breezy (hindi galawang breezy) mornings.
  30. I don’t care about what others think of me. Like, really. I don’t.
  31. I grew up as an only child for 10 years, then Popons came.
  32. Sometimes I break down into tears (or magdadabog or mananahimik ako)whenever I’m unable to get something I really want. #iwishididntgrowupasanonlychild. Sad.
  33. I am really tactless sometimes, but I’m in that process of tasting my words before I spit them out. #oha
  34. I am torn between ‘say-it-all-para-magaan-sa-feeling’ or ‘if-i-have-nothing-nice-to-say-just-shut-up’. Ugh, am I the only one?!?
  35.  I love the color blue.
  36. Pizza will always be my one and only.
  37. I hate wasting time.
  38. Allergic to dust, strong scents, ibuprofen, aspirin; and sometimes, chicken and seafood. Yup.
  39. I have Indian blood. 1/32 Indian ako. (Lol, but it’s true)
  40. I am dying to learn Korean and Hangul.
  41. I’m a sucker for nice words and well-written articles.
  42. Eye rolling is my cardio.
  43.  My style is classy and laid back.
  44.  Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Harry Styles and Adam Galla are my style icons
  45.  I’m afraid of roller coasters and rides. Totally not a fan of amusement parks.
  46. I love Japanese and Chinese cuisine aside from Pinoy food.
  47. The perfect breakfast would be tinapang bangus pati sinangag.
  48. I take care of my skin. Always.
  49. I can’t go out without my sunnies, phone, hat, and earplugs.
  50. I’m very (emphasis on very) shy at first, but I’m loud if we get along!

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