Casually Cruel








Shooting outfits in school was never a good idea, think: dust, intense heat, countless photobombers, and nasty stares from everyone around you; but not until this day came. We decided to challenge ourselves by finding a location quite similar to that of Robbie Becroft’s photos and lo and behold, we found one. Doing this shoot felt like a breeze because one, I’m in good company; and two, we were able to shoot for an hour or less. It just occurred to me that shooting in the most unconventional places with amazing people was absolutely fun.

Sunnies Studios Taylor aviators, Uniqlo belted shorts

Photos by Paolo Paramio

One thought on “Casually Cruel

  1. […] this hoodie. So what’s the next thing to do after buying new clothes? Shoot. I recreated my Casually Cruel post so some of the photos above are quite similar to the ones I posted last year (check it […]

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