So how do you dress up for music festivals? Don a print top, shorts, and boat shoes and you’re off to a musical realm.

Summer plans are like New Year’s resolutions—they only exist for two weeks. And they only exist for the sake of existing. Last March, I already knew what I’ll be doing on my break. Now that we’re halfway through April, what the heck did I accomplish? I didn’t paint. I didn’t learn how to drive. I didn’t even work out. Unless you are Rihanna who can work work work work work work. Okay, enough. Aside from the major sepanx I am experiencing, my body clock is also wrecked. All I did was eat, sleep, dress up and repeat. It has always been monotonous. Who knew that summer would be this scorching hot?!

The past month has taught me how to love myself more and to do what makes me happy. Rewarding yourself after achieving something (say Moving Up) is always a good idea and it’s always okay to spoil yourself once in a while. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by magazines, good food, and music. And no, I’m not into music festivals and parties (very contrary to what I’m wearing).  Right now, I’m longing for an adventure inside or outside the country. It’s been a while since our last trip, and I want to relish my two and a half month break. One thing I thought of doing is going out alone. Like, watch movies, shop, and go out for coffee all by myself. It seems daunting but you just have to enjoy your own company occasionally. How about you guys, how’s summer so far?

(Exact pieces : shirt from H&M x Coachella, shorts from Uniqlo, sunglasses from Sunnies Studios)

Photos by Roxanne Rivera

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