Life Lately : Summer Story



Life has always been so damn gooooood to me and I am extremely grateful for that. I’ll be honest, I am happy with my life right now and I couldn’t ask for more! Guess that’s what optimism does to you, your mind, and your life. I hope  everyone knows how contagious positive vibes are.  I’m indeed blessed so for the first time ever, I’ll be sharing with you guys how my life has been lately. And it was all about…

  • Elections – Thank heavens the election season is over! You can now rekindle broken friendships due to clash of opinions. Lol.  All I can say is that I’m excited to see Duterte lead the country!  So ironic how most people lack discipline and yet they claim that “Change” is coming but won’t even start with themselves. Change starts from within dude.
  • School related stuff – I enrolled last week and I honestly can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in Senior High. Although I can feel anxious at times, I’m looking forward to other school matters. God help me!
  • Dealing with acne – This, by far, is the worst breakout season I had in my whole life. I normally have mild to moderate acne and but the ones I had lately were the worst. Like ever. I tried all products I can think of but you just can’t get away with teenage acne. My Snapchat friends know how much research I’ve done to avoid it. Currently, my body runs on 1000 mg of Vitamin C everyday and my skin feels better, hopefully. And boy, I’m such a late bloomer to have breakouts at sixteen! It came to a point that I don’t want to go out anymore but of course, it’s puberty.
  • Planning trips – Summer is the perfect time to go out right? With that said, my new hobby is to search for flights and to take advantage of summer promos. I lowkey love day trips  because they’re a lot convenient (for me) and you skip the packing part! We’ve been doing North bound road trips for the past month and we’ll go down South and around Pampanga this time.
  • Bowling – Me? Doing sports? Heck yes. I have a newfound love, and it’s bowling. You guys should try it! It’s also a good arm work out for me at least.
  • Online shopping and new clothes – New hobby alert! I’ve never tried this before and now I’m hooked. ASOS is my go to online store and you can encounter great deals like 70% off on good clothes or shoes. Plus, you can also reduce your carbon footprint when you shop online!
  • Japanese Food – My love for sushi and sashimi knows no bounds. We’ve already tried almost all Jap resto’s around Clark and Angeles City and I still can’t pick one. I’ve been eating Japanese food for 5 consecutive weeks already that I decided to make them on my own. Just my two cents, don’t try making sushi at home. You. Just. Don’t. No wonder why sushi costs so much in Jap restos! It requires effort and experience to create one.
  • Youtubers – After reading blogs and news online, I often find myself watching Youtube videos by awesome people like Wil Dasovich, Janina Vela, Dominique Cojuangco and so much more! I also like it when my favorite bloggers create vlogs too! I legit love the outfit videos by TheLineUp Menswear! Search for them and you’ll understand why.

How summer so far guys? I only have less than 30 days before school! It’s time to make the most out of it! ‘Til the next Life Lately entry!

(What I’m wearing: shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, wayfarers from Sunnies Studios, envelope bag [not that visible] from SM Accessories)


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