Letter to my Senior High self


Dear Senior High  Andrei,

The days you’ve been dreading have finally arrived. Summer is finally over, here’s to another ten months of struggling to wake up every morning and expecting class suspensions because it rains. You will overdose yourself with coffee once again but don’t drink too much, acid reflux is just around the corner. It’s your first day, I know you are anxious but you are more than excited, aren’t you? You will set foot on the new building once again and I know how long you’ve been waiting for this day to come. You start to think of the things in store for you for the next ten months of hustle and bustle. I know you’ll miss going out on Wednesdays just to teach kids. I know how much you will miss tenth grade life despite its toxicity. Don’t worry, something better is about to come. You start wondering if you will survive this academic strand for you know that you have no choice but to take it. You ask yourself, “Will I make it?”. But whatever, you’ll take it anyway. And when others ask you, you’d tell them, “I have no choice, and I don’t want to transfer to another school.”  Don’t be afraid, I know you can and you will. Just believe in yourself. As you go on, I hope you will continue to pursue your dreams and never stop dreaming because you will get there soon – in God’s perfect timing.

Worry no more because it won’t help. Your optimistic attitude will save you. Know that your talent helps you and I wish you knew how great you are for applying your talent even in the littlest things, I hope you’ll continue igniting your passion for arts and fashion. You keep on reminding yourself that you can do lots of things, am I right? But focus on what you love to do first for it won’t feel like work at all.  

Keep in mind that troubles are not permanent. Stars won’t shine without darkness and God won’t give you something you can’t handle. Remember that there are people who got your back when problems show up – your family and friends are always there for you. Take care of yourself. Try to have fun and work hard at the same time – you keep on reminding yourself that it’s all about having balance, don’t you? Just enjoy the present. Life is really worth living when you realize how blessed you are. Andy, you are way too blessed. 

Be careful who you trust and never let anyone take credit of you or use you for their own good. Beware of these people because they are literally everywhere. Just always do your thing without minding others. Haters and critics will go your way and I know that you don’t care about them. They’re just status symbols, correct?

Always interact, Andrei, there are good people out there as well. It doesn’t hurt to be nice. Allow yourself to speak, don’t let your introvertedness take over. Know how to deal with difficult people because you’ll meet more of them soon. I am not kidding. Be nice to everyone. I know you crave for discussions about life and because of that, you’ll learn more. It’s funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different. You will constantly change and I hope it’s for the better. You will commit mistakes along the way but that won’t stop you. Never stop reinventing yourself. Never settle for just what’s good. Don’t be the average kid you never wanted to be. Continue creating a name for yourself in your own chosen field. Play your cards right and strike while the iron is hot, it’s okay to regret the things you’ve done than regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance. Just be you and continue doing what you love because one day, you’ll look back and all of these will be memories that’ll be in your heart forever. Cherish all these precious moments with your friends and family because they only happen once. Make time for the people you love before it’s too late, you never know. School is fun and you have to enjoy it – all of it. I know you are setting standards for yourself, specially with your grades (your major dilemma, always), but don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy while it lasts because before you know it, you are already applying for your college admission. Most importantly, do what makes you happy as long as you won’t harm anyone. Stop overthinking because everything will fall in to place – eventually.  Andrei, play your damn cards right.

He who dares wins.


the present you

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