How to Get Away with Acne

Hey you! This is a long read but if you struggle with acne, this is for you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

Acne is my worst nightmare to the point that I  panic when I feel a small bump on my face. I slather all these skin products on my face but doing so caused more and more and more pimples. Last summer, I had the worst case of acne in my life and it’s not even cystic acne, I just have four zits which happen to appear at the same time. It hurts so much when you see that acne starts to invade your clear face. During my early teens, I normally have a pimple every two to three months just because of stress or my unhealthy eating habits. That was it back then. I was never a victim of cystic acne. Don’t you just hate it when two pimples become one?! And worse, these annoying zits leave a stubborn mark on your face.

Having acne is totally common among teenagers because of puberty. But this can also affect their self-confidence and body image. Don’t you worry, that zit on your face will be gone soon. Acne is inevitable. It may leave a scar but remember that that zit will vanish in time.  I know most of you can relate because acne is every teenager’s pet peeve. Who in the right mind would want to have a acne-ridden face anyway? I may not be that flawless but allow me to spill all my acne secrets – every single product I use and everything I do to have this good skin. This is my most requested blog post and it’s finally up! My skin relies on these products and nothing else. And for the record, I don’t visit a dermatologist and I’ve never undergone a peel or facial treatment. (Unless you want to sponsor me, why not?)

My Skin Routine:


This is my everyday skin routine and I finally found the products that are perfect for my skin type. I have combination skin and these products work well for my skin type. I suggest that you should research about your skin type before trying out products!


DSC060101. Ponds Acne Clear Facial Wash &  Ponds Acne Clear Toner – I use the facial wash first. Ever since Ponds launched their latest Acne Clear line, I immediately went to the nearest Watsons to grab these goodies. My usual facial wash was Ponds Men Acne Clear or Energy Charge but I gave this product a try, and honestly, it’s the best ever. My face was pimple-free for one month!

DSC059932. Belo Acne Gel – I swear by this product. It’s the best pimple gel I’ve tried so far, and the Ponds Acne Gel is very hard to find so I just settled with this Belo Acne Gel. After moisturizing, apply a small amount to your zits. The best thing about this product? Your pimple will really peel after two to three days depending on the severity of your acne. It can dry up pimples overnight! Take note: moisturize first before using this, it stings after every application. (Specially when you have pustules and papules)

DSC060393. Garnier Light Complete (Night Restore) – So far, this is the best remedy for acne scars and pimple marks. I noticed that they vanished so quickly after using this for a month!

DSC06002 4. Celeteque Sunscreen – The only thing I can never not apply on my face is sunscreen. I always use this everyday, even when it’s rainy or when I’m at home. Exposure to UV rays is really harmful and can cause skin cancer, dark spots, and freckles. And you wouldn’t want to experience that! I use SPF 15 everyday and I reapply whenever I feel. Haha! And SPF 30 when I’m exposed to the sun for so long. Plus, wearing sunscreen can prevent aging. This video from two years ago really encouraged me to wear SPF. Been doing it for two years now and it’s actually worth it!

DSC060346. Celeteque Moisturizer – I use this when I have alive zits (LOL, you know what I mean right?!) because the cream can be too harsh on my skin when I’m having breakouts. This can be used anytime of the day!

DSC060337. St. Ives Apricot scrub – Exfoliants like St. Ives are only used once or twice a week. Scrubbing your face more than that can cause you more and more breakouts!


DSC06013 1. Vicks vapor rub + ice cube – This is the best acne hack ever. If you don’t want to splurge on acne gels, then this rub is the solution. Wrap an ice cube in a thin cloth and gently place it on top of your pimple. Do this for a minute and apply a small amount of Vicks then your pimple is gone overnight! This is worth trying!

DSC060352. Quick FX Pimple eraser – This product doesn’t guarantee overnight results but once you use it regularly, it can reduce your acne scars and it can help prevent pimples.

3. Antibiotic ointments (Terramycin) – I’ve tried using these ointments when I have pustules. I only applied it like the vapor rub and the zit was gone the next day. Depends on your case of acne, I guess!

4. Tea Tree Oil – Probably the best and safest acne treatment in the world because of its antibacterial properties. Haven’t tried this but I heard that it really works!

5. Coconut oil – Just apply a small amount on your trouble areas and you’ll notice that your skin will get clearer after regular use!

6. Honey – Honey works wonders. You can apply honey directly on your pimple and place a bandaid afterwards. You can also mix honey and lemon juice to remove pimple marks, super effective!

What I do to prevent acne:

Change sheets everyday  – something you need to do if you have terrible acne. I change pillowcases everyday. Your sheets absorb  oil and dirt and you don’t want to transfer those germs to your face right?

Drink lots of water – I drink 2 – 3 Liters of water everyday. I don’t drink softdrinks! Keep hydrated if you want glowing skin!

Drink Green tea – As much as I can, I drink tea two hours before I sleep. It helps!

Take vitamins – Specially when you are tired or sleep deprived! I take Vitamin C and multivitamins after breakfast.

Sleep – Unless you want puffy eyes and dull skin. Sleep will always be a priority. I told you to not trade sleep for school work, right? Time management lang yan guys! Dapat kahit stressed mukha pa ring fresh. LOL

Stay away from the sun and from dusty and dirty places – Wear a mask or a hat and don’t forget sunscreen!

Clean your phone – We always bring our phones everywhere we go – bedroom, kitchen, outside the house, and even in the bathroom. And all the germs in your phone will eventually get in contact with your face. Yikes.

Cut down sugar and fatty food –  Honestly, I don’t eat junk food, processed food and all things junk. I try to avoid these as much as possible. Also, try to avoid oily food, you don’t want to look like a pizza dude. Oily food can cause acne.  Your skin tells a lot about what you eat. (But heck, I can’t say no to fried chicken.)

Use different towels – One towel for your hair, for your body, and for your face. Enough said.

Use new razors or sterilize them before use – For guys out there, sterilize razors before using them by rinsing them using hot water or just use a new razor if possible. I always do the latter. Hahaha!

Drink probiotics – Seems odd but this is true. At least for me. You can read more about this here and here.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize.   – Wash your face twice a day and use products that are perfect for your skin type!


Golden Rule: Don’t touch your face.

Your hands are the dirtiest part of your body because you touch different things everyday – your phone, your keyboard, switches, doorknobs and everything. And through this, dirt and germs stay in your hands and you don’t want to transfer that to your face! Touching can lead to picking and can lead to scarring. Touching your face too often can cause breakouts. Yeah, I know this is difficult to do but in the name of good skin, it’s a must. Read more here.

That’s it! That’s how I take care of my skin. And if you like this post or if you want to try out these hacks, let me know by leaving comments below! Don’t forget to share or like and subscribe if you wanna see more!

(All products are available in Watsons and in other leading drugstores nationwide)

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