Life Lately + I’M WORKING?!

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Life has been pretty good  lately because I survived the first sem of Senior High School and I’m currently enjoying my three-week break! (Super loooong break for the first time!) We’re considered as ~college~ students na daw kasi. School has been a hustle and bustle (lagi naman, duh) for the last part of the sem but I managed to survive and I really deserve this much-awaited break. Now, life lately has been all about….

  • Bad weather = Bed weather – It was rainy during the first week of my break and since I have nothing else to do, rainy weather calls for sleep! Nothing beats wearing the comfiest clothes after a shower then jumping into your bed with cold fresh sheets. I know I deserve this because I was sleep deprived for how many weeks. Finally, nakamit ko na yung sapat na tulog na matagal kong pinapangarap. LOL!
  • Cooking and Baking – Another thing I wanted to do this break is to exercise because I want to have abs. But I’m too lazy to get up early (since I’m craving sleep) and I’m surrounded with good food so…scratch that. Who needs abs anyway? Sarap kayang kumain. Ever since I was young, I was already into food. I wanted to be a chef before!  Little did you guys know that I also cook and bake. For the past weeks, I’m the one preparing my breakfast and other meals everyday and I also bake some goodies in between. This is seriously making me want to study Culinary soon. Plus, I also met Chef Rolando Laudico last week in his newly-opened resto in Clark! This is a sign! I’m up for some gastronomical and sartorial adventures. (Heck, I will never say good bye to fashion.)
  • Memory lane – The first thing on my sembreak goals is to clean my room and when you clean, it’s 5% cleaning and 95% playing with old stuff you just found. I stumbled upon my old planners, old test papers, notebooks, and other “sentimental” stuff (including my old class pictures, certificates, cards etc.) and it’s actually good to reminisce all those good times. Gaah, I feel so old. Re-reading my old planners make me ask these questions to myself: “Bakit ganito yung sinuot ko dati? Huhu, Drei, why are you so damn immature?!, Wow, hanggang ngayon ‘di pa ‘to na-cross out sa bucket list mo, ilang taon na.” Hahaha!
  • YoutubeBed weather calls for a Youtube marathon! Lately, I’ve been watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs and I’m drooling to have a life like his. I’ve known him before pa but his latest vlogs give me so much liiiiife. I also watch cooking tutorials on Youtube that’s why I end up starving. Not ideal. At all.
  • BreakoutsYou read that right, I am breaking out. Again. So ironic because I was the one giving acne hacks last month and now I’m struggling with acne. God loves me so much, I’m breaking out during breaks – kung kailan di ako humaharap sa mga tao. Thank You Lord! Haha! (Last summer was the worst! It’s even included in my first Life Lately post) My face was clear for two freaking months. I hope my face clears up before school though! One thing I noticed was I started breaking out when I stopped applying sunscreen for a while. Of course I won’t apply when I’m at home, sayang ang sunscreen. Hmmm, this is something fishy.
  • Earning money – While others are busy splurging their money, I’m here working my ass off to earn. You guessed it right, I’m currently working and earning because I started a small business. Haaay, I’m such a responsible and matured kid, my parents must be proud. The only thing I’m afraid of is that I might be too busy working that I don’t have time for myself and for my friends. And I’m afraid that blogging might take a back seat, well it actually did because of school, but I won’t stop writing! This sembreak, I actually promised myself to go out more often because this is the only time that I can hang out with my friends without thinking about school, and here I am, working, working, and working. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Antisocial na nga ako, lalo pa akong naging antisocial. Sembroke no more. Just gotta see the positive side of things!
  • My undying love for Coldplay  –  I rewatched their Superbowl performance earlier this year and the last part (where Chris Martin, Beyonce and Bruno Mars were singing Up&Up) actually made me tear up. Ahhhhh, my heart and my soul.  Their songs are the best, no words can describe how much I love Coldplay. I’m actually saving up to buy a concert ticket if they’re going to perform in Manila next year! PS, Where can I buy a Coldplay shirt? Tweet or message me please!
  • Future investments – Since I’m already “earning”, I’m actually thinking if I should buy this or that or should I invest my money for what’s a lot important. Torn between material things or experiences! Web host or clothes? Concert tickets or plane tickets? Gaaah! Kaya ayokong humahawak ng pera eh! 

So that’s pretty much it! We only have a week left before school and it’s going to be a busy week ahead! Hope you guys had fun. Don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

Photos by Lourdes Dimalanta 

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