2016 Lessons : Vol. II (Fixing broken friendships + HOW TO EARN MONEY?!)


Here comes the second leg of my five-part blog post! How’s life so far? I’m back to school but it’s totally fine because we’re having our break again next week! Best schedule ever! If I could only fly out of the country though.

6. Patch things up with people

– It just feels so damn good when you patch things up with your friends and ex-friends. Don’t you just love it when you don’t have any bad blood with anyone? And mind you, you never know the role they’ll play in your future. Fix what’s broken instead of throwing it away. If you know that you can still iron out issues with someone, do yourself a favor. Talk about what went wrong and how you can fix it instead of leaving them hanging. Remember the saying “True friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face.” But don’t forget to eliminate toxic people from your life too. You deserve peace.

7. Everything happens for a reason

– As cliche as it sounds, everything has its purpose. We always question God about the things that happen to us because sometimes in life, things just don’t go our way but HIS way. He knows what’s better for us and we will later know the answers to these endless questions of ours.

8. It’s never about what you don’t have, it’s about what you do with what you have.

– I have a business at 17, I have school, I have my blog. Exhausting? Yes. It’s not that difficult as long as you’re enjoying it. Sometimes, the answer to our questions is right beside us all the way but we never bother to check. Our god-given talents and skills will really take us to places, believe me. If you know how to play your cards right, you’re in good hands. Good in arts? Sell paintings. Cooking and baking? Sell food. If you’re a total performer, why don’t you audition? The possibilities are endless. Focus on what you have. Work it. If you know that you have what it takes to get where you want, then do something about it. You just need twenty seconds of insane courage for something great to happen. This opened so much doors for me this year. Looking forward to more opportunities this 2017!

9. Life is about working hard and having fun at the same time. It’s all about BALANCE.

– I know a lot of people who get burned-out because of too much work or school and there are those who enjoy and splurge too much. The latter is not okay, I’m telling you. Just keep it balanced. School is my top priority as of now, blogging and business just happened. But my time isn’t just allotted for academics alone, mind you. I make time for myself, my family, and my friends. We usually go out and eat together and everything’s just better when you forget about acads for a while (Sino bang gusto ng acads na lang palagi?!). Even if I have other stuff to do, I won’t compromise my lessons, I always exert effort if I’m reaching for a higher rank in class. I enjoy studying, I don’t know why, but learning something new just excites me and that’s the good thing about school. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best in everything I do, be it in school or in other things. Life is so much better when you have balance.

10. It’s hard to earn money.

– Why wasn’t I born a Kardashian?! Can I just sleep for years and wake up with the kiss of my first paycheck?  Life is so unfair! Kidding aside, it’s super duper hard to earn money. Since I’m already working (Yes, I have a part-time business at 17),  I realized the real value of money. Right now, I’d rather choose to study than work. You have so much responsibilities ahead of you if you’re already working! Kaya nakakatakot tumanda eh. Working entails commitment, time management, labor, skills and all things adult. I feel like I’m too young to deal with this lol. Bakit di na lang kasi umulan ng pera ano? Kung gaano kadaling ubusin, ganun din kahirap kitain. UNFAIR. It gets to the point na ayaw mong gastusin yung pera mo kasi alam mong mahirap kumita ng pera. One thing’s for sure, I have to work harder because I like expensive shit. I’m sure you guys won’t understand this yet but once you start earning you’ll realize how hard it is. Be thankful to your parents! Without them, wala kayong pera ngayon. Magtipid ka! Thank me later.

That’s about it for now. I’ve been feeling really happy and stoked lately because of Christmas! How about you guys? Stay tuned for the next post!


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