So long, 2016! Hello 2017!


It’s the time of the year again and we’re down to the last 24 hours of the year. I can’t believe 2016 is ending. It seems just like yesterday when I just posted my 2016 Bucketlist and here we are now, posting my year-ender. The past 12 months went by so fast! This year was not the best, but it left us so much lessons in spite of the hardships we all went through. 2016 had lots of doubts, depressing nights, awkward moments and emotional breakdowns nevertheless, it also had lots of fun times, laughter and priceless moments. This 2016, I’ve made mistakes—lots of them. But do I regret making these mistakes? Nope. Not a little bit. All the bad decisions and bad things I’ve done taught me the right lessons and paved my way towards self-improvement.  I do know that in this year to come, I’ll commit more mistakes which, in turn, will teach me more life lessons. Mistakes make you wise. That’s one of the best things I’ve learned this year.

To You, thank You for making me survive until today, albeit this year had lots of challenges I had to face, here I am now, I survived it all! It’s true that not all of Your plans for us are enjoyable. But here I am, I made it! It’s all because of and for You. Thank You for everything. All the endless questions and doubts make sense to me now.

To the people who stayed by my side, I love and appreciate all of you. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have such wonderful people around me. You know who you are.

To my followers reading this at the moment, thank you so much. I truly appreciate you guys for allotting time to read my blog. Thank you for allowing me to share my wisdom and whatnots. Thank you all for keeping up. I love you all. Watch out for my 2017 posts!

Since I’m turning 18 this year, it will be another year for personal growth & development and self discovery as  I officially enter the world of adulthood and take one step towards maturity. Another year older, another year wiser they say! Looking forward to more opportunities and experiences which I will cherish forever.

Wishing everyone a happy happy new year! We have a whole new year ahead of us and I couldn’t help but to share it with all of you. Let’s all start anew and leave all the pain and grudges behind. May everyone move on from 2016’s aftermath. Let us celebrate life’s victories. Have new goals, resolutions and dreams and may we have the courage and strength to pursue them. Wishing everyone good memories, laughter and everlasting happiness. Here’s to a brighter and better year ahead! Cheers to 2017! Happy New Year!

Ikaw na ang bahala, Universe.

(Exact pieces: H&M sweatshirt, Uniqlo trousers)

Shoot location : The Tavern at The Orchid Gardens 

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