How do you pull off a 300 peso turtleneck shirt? Wear a wide brim hat and you’re good. My personal style has evolved lately and I’ve succumbed to my one and only weakness that is, in four letters only, S-A-L-E. I told you, I’m wearing my aguinaldo’s. Olive greens, red clothes and neutrals are my latest addictions. This year, I’ll invest in shoes, shoes, and more shoes. My love for fashion taught me that what I wear doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just how you pull it off.

The past month has been, so far, so good. Spent the first day of 2017 shooting in Subic and I hope the rest of the year goes like this! It was my first time to do a buwis-buhay shoot wherein I actually sat down on the road  to take photos! (I won’t publish the photos for some reason.  Haha!) Although I’m recovering from the intense food coma and holiday blues, I still managed to sneak in some quality time for myself—something I’ll be deprived of for the next two months. The demands of school is just crazy but I’m having fun nonetheless. We’re down to the last week of January and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. This is going to be good.

(What I’m wearing: H&M high-neck shirt, H&M pants, Forever 21 hat)

Photos by Aaron Cruz

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