The Best Day


In life, there are days filled with sorrow and pain but there are also days filled with great joy, intense love and heartfelt gratitude. This day was the latter. I was given a chance to have an overnight stay, along with a good company, in one of my favorite places in town for our annual recollection. Honestly, this 24 hour stay has taught me lessons—essential life lessons—I won’t learn inside the classroom. You guys know I’m a sucker for life lessons and my love for learning knows no bounds. Life definitely has so much in store for us and we are up to figure them out. This day had so much realizations about self-improvement and growth. What a good way to start the year.

Blog posts ago, I stated that this year will revolve around maturity and it seems like I hit the nail on the head. I’ve learned a couple of things I’d like to share to you all. These are:

  1. To know that there’s something good inside you even if the world thinks otherwise.
  2. To realize that problems, pain, and suffering are part of life and they are opportunities for growth.
  3. To keep in mind that you have more blessings than problems.
  4. To know that difficulties build character, they’re the only way to bring out what’s best inside.
  5. To know that it’s just a matter of perspective.
  6. To remember that someone is holding you. Stay humble.
  7. To do something for you to leave a significant mark in the world.

The list goes on. Words can’t express how grateful I am for the love I’ve received that moment. So much has happened and I couldn’t be any happier. Indeed, it was the best day.

(What I’m wearing: Forever 21 plaid flannel, Sunnies Studios “Taylor” sunnies, Original Penguin sneakers)

Photos by Roxanne Rivera & Juancho Liwanag

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