LIFE LATELY : Post Grade 11 + New hobby + My future career?!




IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!! Yes, it’s the start of my loooooong break! I survived the first year of Senior High and that’s something to smile about because it means I made it this far and I’ve accomplished everything on time! On another note, it’s just sad because the coming year will be my last in High School and I still haven’t figured out which course to take and which school should I attend. I know, nakakastress talagang tumanda. Why can’t I be in High School forever?! The future is seriously scary and exciting. Bahala na! It’s going to be okay in the end. Well, now that school’s over, I’m back to business and back to blogging! So life lately has been all about:

  • Online Shopping – What do you do after surviving 10 months of school? Treat yo’self. This was actually a result of my boredom. One night after doing school work, I got curious how COD works and I also wanted try online shopping by myself so I checked Lazada and tadaaaa, I just discovered something. I now have a new hobby! *evil laugh*  Personally, Lazada has the fastest service because your order arrives within 48 hours….right at your doorstep. I ordered some skin stuff and it arrived one day later. That is just uh-mey-zing.
  • Post-school cleaning – I’m ready to let go of my notes and my bad memories with them so I’m about to set them on fire. Joke lang! Of course, since school is over, I have to keep these old goodies (no matter how much I struggled with them) because I might use them later on. (I have a separate post for this, watch out.) If you’re reading this right now, keep your damn notes and books and never ever throw or sell them. You’ll thank me later.
  • Hosting stints – The past two months were all about getting out of my comfort zone by hosting events. I had three stints in just one month and I actually enjoyed it because I met new people and it made me more confident. Future career maybe?  It’s fun and I’m actually looking forward to hosting more events soon! School events muna, baby steps pa lang. LOL. I’ll get there soon, slowly but surely. (Fun fact: the photos above were from one of my events!)
  • Addiction to skin care – After weeks of stress and puyat, I’m de-stressing myself by slathering on all sorts of skin products I can use. I have a few zits right now and I’m afraid that they’ll get worse by next month or so. Knock on wood! Let’s be honest, I’m willing to spend lots just to get good skin.
  • Healthy eating Since I don’t want to break out just like what I’ve experienced last year, I’m all for healthy eating. I avoid junk food at all costs because I believe they were the main culprit of my worst break out period before. I remember myself binge-eating ice cream, potato chips and sweets last summer and little did I know that they were the ingredients for a major acne breakout. Bye flawless skin. Now that I learned my lesson, I’m into fruits and ~healthy~ food now because I do everything in the name of good skin and it makes me feel healthy  af. When it comes to acne, prevention is key.
  • Travel IdeasTravel kuno, wala naman akong pera. I’m really really itching to travel because it’s summer and I know we all deserve it. Mommy, daddy pleeeeeaaaaaase! Let’s go out of Pampanga naman, I’m dying to go out of the country or just somewhere new because I believe that experience is far more valuable than money and life is not meant to be lived in one place alone. (Oh ano, laban?) Life is too short to not enjoy it, rightttt? I have a list of places I want to visit this summer and visiting them is actually ~possible~ because they’re just 30-45 minutes away from home. Philippines muna before other countries, if traveling abroad can’t happen. But I’m not closing my doors to any possibilities of traveling this year! Who knows?
  • Catching up on sleep and Kdramas – and movies!!! Okay, I’m not a big fan of movies but I want to watch Beauty and the Beast because I heard it was good, and Emma Watson is Belle and it’s from Disney so it’s a way to relive my childhood memories. Summer is all about sleeeeeping late and waking up late, ugh wtf. At least I get to rest for two months. It’s also a way for me to catch up on my fave Kdramas because I’m so busy with school that I don’t have time to watch anymore.

Photo by Lucas Gantioqui 

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