Night Skin Care Routine + Two Miracle Skin Products (Anti-Acne)


This skin care post is long overdue but better late than never, right?  It’s an 8-step (Anti-acne) night skin care routine that I made based from the products I regularly use. Eight products. Every night. Time consuming? Yes, but in the name of good skin, it’s worth it. Trust me. This is currently my routine and these are the products I use at the moment and I’m pretty sure it’s going to change until I find better products. I’m no dermatologist but these helped in clearing my face and in preventing acne. I have combination skin, by the way. Just religiously follow this routine and you’ll see results soon! Let’s get started!

My Night Skin Care Routine:

The first step is that I massage my face with ice cubes. Yes. Cold. I use 6-10 cubes for my face and I gently rub them all over my face until each cube melts.  Believe me when I say it cleared my skin for months. I’ve been doing it since December until now and it made me avoid acne!

The next thing I do is to wash my face with Ponds Acne Clear Facial Wash and use Ponds Acne Clear Pore Conditioning Toner right after. I love that Ponds’ products really work and deliver the results they promise.

SONY DSCHuman Nature Tea Tree Oil – aka Miracle product #1. This is a dupe product (but works well) because I just can’t afford the one from The Body Shop. I love how the dropper works because it makes you apply just the right amount.  Two drops of this oil is enough! I apply it on my trouble areas and on my breakouts. It helped in clearing my acne  and it reduced the inflammation but it took days. I use it under the Ponds acne gel, by the way. The scent of this oil is so strong but once you get used to it, it smells good naman. Smells something like an old perfume or mint, I can’t explain. Basta matapang yung amoy.  It’s not really bad but if you want quick results, use The Body Shop.

Human Nature Sunflower oil – after applying the tea tree oil, I go on to the next step which is to apply two pumps of this amazing sunflower oil from Human Nature. I tried this way back 2012 but I stopped because I hate how greasy it feels back then. I wish I knew how to use it sparingly. Two drops are enough for your face, don’t go overboard unless you want to look like a human pizza! It leaves a nasty smell once you apply too much. Ew. I’ve been using it since November, it moisturized my dry skin and removed my tan lines which I got from last year’s sports fest. It also lightened some of my spots and helped in retaining my skin’s moisture!

Garnier Light Complete Night restore cream You can’t rely on oils alone so use a night cream. I slather this on my face over the sunflower oil and it just gives amazing results. I started using this since August and my skin stays really moisturized and soft ever since.

SONY DSCGarnier Light Complete Multi-action Brightening Eye Roll-on – This is my substitute for an eye cream because I’m still on search for a good and affordable one. I found myself buying this during the last week of school to help prevent dark undereye circles but boy, I was fooled. I use it day and night but I can’t see any significant change. Yes it moisturizes your skin but it doesn’t lighten or remove eye bags. They’re still pretty obvious after weeks of use. I just like the cool sensation when you apply it though. It also absorbs quickly! I’m gonna hunt for a good eye cream once I finish this product.

SONY DSCPonds Anti-acne Leave-on expert clearing gel – aka Miracle product #2. The last part of my skin care routine! This gel is a hidden gem. I searched for this product everywhere that I just bought one online. I love how fast this product works! Plus points for its amazing scent! It takes overnight for whiteheads and small zits to disappear and two to three days maximum for papules and/or cystic acne. It depends on the case of your acne. What I love is that it leaves zero marks for pustules and lesser marks for papules! Unlike the Belo acne gel, this doesn’t sting at all. I wish it has a peeling effect though, because the Belo product has that effect which sloughs off your dead skin leaving absolutely zero marks, even with terrible cases of acne. I use this along with tea tree oil! It’s the last part of my routine because I apply this when the tea tree oil has been absorbed by my skin. This product is the bomb. I’d rate it 9 over 10.

That’s it! That’s my night skin care routine for 2017. Message me for more questions or leave a comment below! Hope this helps! 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

Garnier and Ponds Products are available in Watsons while Human Nature is available online and in their stores. Message me for inquiries! 

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