Life Lately : Summer Story Vol. 2


Few months ago, I told myself that this vacation will be worthwhile. It will be all about working out, dieting, being healthy, being productive and all. But scratch that, sinong niloloko ko di ba? Summer, as usual, is super duper boring, depressing, and all things fattening — binge eating, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, waking up just in time for lunch. Crazy. Unhealthy. Ugh, I’ve never felt so lazy in my life. I know I’ll regret wasting my time and energy, but whatever. My life lately was all about…

  • Gastronomic adventures – Since I love food, I spend my time in the kitchen not because I’m eating, but I’m also the one cooking! The past few weeks have been really productive because I have the kitchen as my playground. Sabi ko nung March magda-diet at work out na ako, oo, sinabi ko lang. Wala akong ginawa. Hahaha! I cook some of my all-time favorites such as pizza (from scratch!), pasta, and roast chicken! Not only that, I also bake goodies like cheescake, cookies etc. I even do the grocery sometimes! #HusbandMaterial na oh! LOL
  • Binge-watching –  I watched 13 Reasons Why in just three days. I love how this series brings awareness about depression and mental health. It speaks to me so much because sometimes I feel like I’m as helpless as Hannah, as bitchy as Courtney and as paranoid as Clay. Each character speaks to me because I feel like I’ve been way too harsh to people like Hannah. But sometimes, I feel like Hannah. I wish there are more series tackling depression and mental health awareness though. It’s actually happening right now and we need to do something about it. Anyway, I’m looking forward to its season 2! And of course, since I’m into Korean series, I’m done with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! I also finished watching The Legend of the Blue Sea for the second time! Kinda annoyed (and flattered at the same time) because the name of Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho’s character) in the Tagalized version is Andrei. As if they knew that he’s my life peg/ idol. Haha! Currently watching Goblin! What to watch next? Comment down below or tweet me for KDrama suggestions!
  • Learning Hangul – Mastering a foreign language is included in my bucket list and because I love all things Korean, I studied the Hangul alphabet! I searched for lessons on Youtube and tadaaa, I’m on my way to learning Korean! It’s actually very easy because they have fewer letters compared to other Asian languages. I still have to practice the stacking and memorize the consonants because they can be confusing at times but I’ll slowly get there. Konting push na lang! Achievement unlocked! I wanna learn French too because of Beauty and the Beast!!!
  • Unwinding – One of the reasons why I love summer is that I get an ample amount of rest. Actually sumosobra na nga eh, sometimes I wake up at 11 am. #Batugan. Since it’s all about relaxing, I went to Fontana with my friends last month. At least di lang naging drawing yung summer plans! I also got a nice golden tan when I went swimming with them.
  • The Road to College – This, perhaps, is the most depressing thing right now because I just have one year left in high school and I still don’t know what to take up in college. I don’t even go to review centers to prepare for entrance exams! ANG BILIS LANG NG ONE YEAR ANO NA GAGAWIN KO. ANO NA. SHET. ANO BA TALAGA. Mag-aaral ba talaga ako o ano? I feel so lost. Should I take Psychology? (I realllly want this!) HRIM? (I want to help in our family business) Archi? Med related? Where will I study?! UP? ADMU? UST? AUF? Will I survive if I take up Med? Magdo-doctor ba ako? Or lawyer? Or architect? ANO NA. Can’t I just wake up with the kiss of my diploma? Bakit di nalang kasi ako naging Kardashian ano?! Joke lang! Of course I still want to finish school because I believe it’s what’s going to take me further in life. O ha! Kala niyo! 
  • Addiction to fruits – and veggies too! When life gives you lemons, drink lemon-infused water. I drink it everyday and I think I can finish 4 liters everyday? I also see to it that I eat salads as well. This addiction is good. I’d do this all in the name of good skin and boy, it shows. I don’t have terrible breakouts anymore because I eat fruits everyday. Truly, you are what you eat.
  • Painting – I bought new painting materials when I visited Art Bar last week! The store feels like heaven because it’s full of art materials. All kinds of paint, all sizes of canvas, all types of brushes — name it, they have it! They also have a small Toby’s Estate inside the store! Nakakakilig. I wish I had a big budget and lots of time to create artworks though. At least I found my new fave place in BGC! Buuut what should I paint now? Landscapes? Abstract? Comment down for suggestions!

That’s basically my life right now, what about yours? One month left for summer so make the most out of it! See you all soon.

(What I’m wearing: button down from H&M, trousers from Uniqlo)

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