18 Goals in the Next 18 Years

And just like that, the day I’ve been dreading for years has finally come. I am now eighteen. Adult responsibilities are just lurking around and I have to keep in mind that it’s going to be more serious and difficult this time. I was so much younger yesterday!  And since my birth month is not yet over, I want to share with you some of my goals in the next 18 years! Let’s get started!

1.Finish school – I’m on my last year in high school and I absolutely have mixed feelings about it. I have my fair share of regrets like I wish I did better, I wish I joined this, I wish I did that, I wish I wish I wish… scratch that, it’s almost over. Nonetheless, I’ve achieved a lot of things so there’s no reason for me to feel bad. Right now, I am busy with college preparations. I’ve visited various  websites and searched for college tips and also, I’ve printed a number of college entrance test application forms. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m leaving high school. I feel so old! In the months to come, I’m going to take up the ACET and UPCAT. I hope will pass both and I hope I will get the chance to study in Ateneo de Manila University. Ngayon ko lang ‘to sasabihin ha, it’s really my lifelong dream to study and finish there! AHHH, Lord, whatever happens happens. Ikaw na ang bahala, kung saan Mo man ako dalhin, I’ll be happy.

2. Work and earn and SAVE UP – Of course, after finishing school I want to work. AND EARN MONEY OF COURSE. Haaaay, our lives are so pre-determined talaga. Study, work, retire, die. What if gusto kong maging patatas?! Joke lang! Syempre I didn’t go to school just to be a pabigat sa ekonomiya. Hahaha! Work but don’t forget to live! I wonder what’s in store for me though.

3. Be a home-owner at a young age – There’s a part of me who wants to achieve this at an early stage of my life. I’m willing to make sacrifices like not spending so much money on my wants, missing out on gatherings and parties, and working extra hard just to achieve this at a young age. Ideally, I want to have my own space at 25 or 27. I want a house, not a condo or pad or apartment, I want to have a place I can call my own. I’m willing to miss out on other things just to assure na may bahay na ako agad, kaysa naman enjoy enjoy at gastos gastos lang ako tapos pag 30’s na ako, I don’t know saan ako lulugar! Di ba?! Ang gusto ko kasi, magsacrifice muna ako before I enjoy, specially if it’s going to help me in the long run. At least I don’t have to worry later on ‘di ba! #MaturedTalaga #Lolo

4. Have a nice car and learn how to drive – Hopefully, I will learn how to drive later this year during my term break. I am officially 18 and I want to enjoy the different perks and privileges of being legal!

5. Travel local and abroad – Albeit I wanted to have a house at an early age, I also want to travel and explore the world. I just want to see what other places have to offer, you guys know I’m a sucker for lifestyle! Nako, I’ll seriously do anything to travel, willing akong maging flight attendant, honestly! If I were a flight attendant, I can travel and earn at the same time. O diba! Best of both worlds! HAHAHA DI KO NA ALAM TBH.

6. Learn a new language – Aside from Korean, I’m thinking of studying French, Spanish, and Mandarin as well! I want to be a polyglot—I know I am already one, but I still want to test my linguistic prowess.

7. Publish a book – A book about life and style. One book dedicated to what I’ve learned in life, and another book for my style essentials and sartorial adventures. I want to see myself signing autographs someday! AHHHH GOALS. ❤

8. Have a successful business – I want to see our family business grow and be known nationwide and eventually worldwide. Someday, someday, someday!

9. Spoil my parents – Being the good son that I always am (wooooow), I really need to return and reciprocate every single effort my parents have done for me. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am right now without them. I am willing to do anything just for my family.

10. Earn enough to move to New York/ Paris/ London/ Korea – Okay, I know I want to have my own residence in this country but I also want to experience how it’s like to live abroad. I want to have a brief stay—two months will do—in a foreign country to experience their culture, what the country has to offer, how I’m going to survive and I want to live like a local as well. Since then, I really wanted to move to New York or Paris or London or just in Seoul buuuut heck, I need lots of $$$ to do that because that means I’m gonna be jobless for months. LOL.

11. Be healthy – I want to have a “perfect” body too and that entails a lot of discipline and hard work. That means I need to work out and diet to death! I’m claiming it, magkaka-abs na ako. I want to look young and healthy even in my 30’s or 40’s! I don’t want to get sick!

12. Start a Youtube Channel or a talk show – My communication skills should be honed because it’s one of my “assets”.  I’ve done a small number of hostings, reports and I believe it’s a skill I should utilize. I know I can do so much better and since I love sharing my life to all of you, don’t be surprised if I set up my own YouTube channel! Although I still need to acquire the skills needed for that, I will do everything and wait for the perfect timing!

13. Philanthropic efforts – Part of my social involvement would be this. Someday, I want to be a UNICEF Ambassador or just start my own charity. By simply organizing feeding programs, free lessons, clean up drives and others, I do my part in giving these people a brighter future. I want to help others not because I want to, but because I need to. Extending a helping hand is part of my social responsibility; I want to give back, I want to do my part in making the Philippines a better place. This may just be a simple and a small act but I know this goes a long long way already. 🙂

14. Continue to inspire others – Write a book, have a channel, get featured on glossies are all part of my bucket list. But it all boils down to my main goal — inspiring other people. Inspire them and empower them, make them believe in themselves. I just want to be a inspiration, I want to be a role model, I want to be a catalyst of change.

15. Family – Oh god, I don’t really know.

16. Have good skin – Honestly, I want to look younger than my age. If I’m 50, I want to look like I’m just in my 30’s. LOL. Asian genes will work! Of course if I already have the money in the future, I’ll be a tambay in Dra. Belo’s clinic. I’ll get regular skin treatments because I don’t want to age badly. Okay lang na mag-recede ang hairline, basta maganda pa rin ang kutis ko okay na. Gagawin ko ang lahat magmukha lang akong bagets ulit. Haha!

17. Love and appreciate myself more – Oh baby you should go and love yourself. Not too much though, Andrei.

18. Live happily. – Bottomline is to live happily. I wish that in the next 18 years of my life, I will stay the same. Amidst all the achievements and things that have happened and will continue to happen, I hope I’ll keep my feet on the ground and still appreciate all the little things in life. Here’s to a future with positivity, love, and happiness!

I wish you all learned something from this post! Mind sharing some of your goals? 🙂

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