Life Lately: Road to College + The Truth about Senior Life

DSC_0538-01DSC_0536-01My blog went on a hiatus because school is just so demanding. You all know that I am a sucker for learning. I have so much more blog posts on the way and I can’t wait to work on them as soon as I’m on my break! Now, my life has been all about…

  1. Doing my best to find rest – The past months have been quite bearable (despite the busy schedule) because of long weekends every week. I think this was for 5 weeks because of no classes and holidays. Cheers to that! But wait, long weekends don’t necessarily mean rest and recreation, most of the time puro school work at thesis ang kaharap mo. Told you guys that in SHS, stress is not a habit, it’s a lifestyle. Although I’m stressed and all  that, I manage to find enough sleep because sleep is what’s most important.
  2. WORK LOAD IS HEAVY –  Oh for the love of Kim Bok Joo, weightlifting is a senior high game. Pero hindi weights ang binubuhat mo, groupmates. Groupmates guys. Nagtataka nga ako bakit di pa ako naging buff eh, siguro nga may abs na yung utak ko. Two research subjects na karamihan ako (or only with the help of one of my groupmates) ang gumawa. I always assign tasks naman eh, pero they don’t give it their all. Hay, di na lang ako papa-stress. I’ll just remove them if possible or give them what they deserve. Bye felicia! Maswerte ka na kung may isa kang ka-group na maayos. At least nababawasan yung burden! (Shoutout to Tey! Hello jo, thank you!)
  3. Getting sick – Due to the heavy work load, I lack sleep, I skip meals (or if I don’t, chances are, I feed on Jollibee), and my immune system is very low. Madami ring may sakit so madali akong mahawa. I had a really bad case of flu last month. I was gone for a week but I was able to catch up naman. It’s about bouncing back and getting back to your normal routine. Laban!
  4. Getting out of my comfort zone – I’m not a competitive person and that’s not my nature but the past week was busy because of DSPC. I just enjoy that I’m working with like-minded individuals, aka my former best classmates. It’s a great opportunity for us to bond again after 2 years! I missed you guys so much!  Okay, now I understand that this is how TV and Radio programs work. It takes soooo much work, effort, time, and mental strength to air one six-minute show.
  5. WINNING – Our team had the last laugh. Amidst all the technical difficulties, failed performances, and rush, we emerged as the champion. I also bagged one of the individual awards! That said, we’re heading to the regionals in November and may the odds be ever in our favor. Angeles City represent!
  6. Being fearless – If you have a voice, don’t hesitate to speak out. If you’re given the power and authority to represent and lead a group of people, don’t be afraid to make a stand. Be firm on your beliefs and stand by your principles. Stand up for what you believe. Don’t be afraid to voice out your thoughts, specially if you know you’re on the right side of things. Buuut, be responsible for what you say! Make sure that they can’t bring you down. I’m just so damn tired of the bullshit that’s happening around us that I’m slowly developing this IDGAF attitude. Not everything needs a reaction I know, but I’m so fed up already. Watch out. (I got a list of names and yours is in red underlined.)
  7. College Entrance Test Season – Super naubos na pera ko dahil sa mga application forms! Just took the ACET last Saturday and my fingers are crossed! The English proficiency part was okay, it was the easiest! But the Math part was the death of me. Super bilis din ng ibang parts. Like the Vocabulary and Analogy part, 5 minutes for 25 items. PAAAAANOOO?!  Nakakaintimidate din yung aura ng mga galing sa ibang schools, kasi mukha silang matatalino and nerds, I feel so insecure. Nonetheless, it was worth the experience! I just hope that I’ll be able to insert the words “AMDG” and “Atenista” on my bio someday. Ahhh, my Ateneo dreams. ❤ Up next, UPCAT!
  8. Learning outside the classroom – Because of the people I just met, super dami kong natutunan.  And it’s very very refreshing to meet and see new people. I can already imagine how my college life will look like na! You don’t just confine yourself in the four walls of the classroom, there’s so much more to see, learn, and experience. How I wish I realized this sooner. And learning outside is, I can say, better than sitting for 8 hours a day. You’ll get to see how things work. Shoutout to my TV Broad team! Miss you guys!  This experience is truly irreplaceable and I’m just so thankful for this wonderful opportunity.
  9. Taylor Swift addiction –  What a time to be alive because of new Taylor Swift music. I’m so hooked on the theories about her new album and I just can’t wait! Still listening to her music from 10 years ago because her songs and music videos never go out of style. Honestly, I miss the old Taylor, but she can’t come right now because she’s dead. I’m so excited for the new lyrics, drama,  and cryptic messages! Are you ready for it?

That’s basically it for now. We’re down to the last part of the first sem! Time flies so fast and as per usual, I have mixed feelings about getting old. Haha! Truth is, it’s exhausting but I’m still trying to see the positive in everything. Can’t wait for this sem to be over! Check out my IG stories if you want latest updates! What are ya’ll up to, guys? 🙂

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