End Game


Earlier this month, we paid a visit to one of my favorite places in town and I grabbed the chance to recreate my photos from January. It’s a second glance into one of my choice shoot locations, little did you know that this place holds a special place in my heart and mind.

Right now, I’m all for positive thinking just like how I used to before. I was once a happy kid until darkness came in form of unending school work and typical high school drama. But scratch that, it’s over and I’m slowly gaining back the rest and family time I lost because of school. And I’m also in the process of losing the excess weight and stubborn zits brought about by stress. Optimism really has a good effect on your mental health and having a sunny disposition improves your life. What you think, you become. What you think, you attract. The mind is powerful. 

It’s absolutely calming to know that life right now has no trace of academics. Just pure leisure time and catching up on the life events I missed. However, the fact that school starts in a week is a tough pill to swallow— but I’m all for it. There’s so much to look forward to and it’s gonna be my last. I might as well carefully read the pages before I go on to the next chapter. Hope you all enjoy your break!

(What I’m wearing: Uniqlo button down; Uniqlo tailored trousers)

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