19 Things I’m Grateful For


For my annual obligatory birthday post, let me share with you the 19 Things I’m Grateful For in the past 19 years. Life has always been amazing and it still feels surreal that I’m a year away from turning 20. I’m goddamn old. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, I suppose?

  1. Gift of family –  The most important thing in my life. (Janina who?) What would I do without my family? I won’t be who I am right now if it weren’t for them! I thank God that I was born in a good, loving, and accepting family. I’m blessed with very supportive and loving parents. I love you mom and dad! (Tara S&R. Joke!)
  2. Good health –  Every gising is a blessing. And what makes it even better? Being completely healthy. Every time you wake up na wala kang sakit, or walang may sakit sa pamilya mo, that’s already a big reason to smile!
  3. Happy childhood –  Quite frankly, I can say that I had the best childhood. I was showered with toys, clothes, food, and any good thing a child could experience. I was blessed that it was a happy one and I can say I was born in the right generation. Amidst the rise of technology, I still experienced playing outside and playing with real toys! I know that experiencing a good childhood makes a happy adult and I’m grateful because I had a good one.
  4. Good set of friends – It’s true that having a small circle of friends is better than having hundreds of acquaintances. My friends are one of the best people in my life and I’m thankful for every single one of them!
  5. Optimism – It has always been a virtue of mine to see the positive in everything. No matter how impossible it may be, I try to convert negative experiences into positive learning experiences. It pays off to see the good in everything.  Positive mind, positive life!
  6. Happiness, Love, Gratitude – And because of optimism, you get to feel the best things in life. It’s a very very happy and peaceful feeling. Magaan sa pakiramdam sobra. ❤ 
  7. Good Life – I may not have everything I want but I have beyond what I need. And if you practice the two things mentioned above, expect a big difference in your life. 🙂
  8. Education – I started college a few days back and it’s been good so far. Finally, my last four years! Matatapos na rin ako! It ain’t easy but I know it’s something I will enjoy and it’s something that will help not only me, but the people around me.
  9. Solid Support System – I’d be lying if I say that my readers aren’t my source of happiness. Every time I see someone read my posts or every time somebody appreciates my content makes my heart flutter. Aside from them, my family and friends who constantly remind me that I can and that I am capable of doing things make me want to do better in life. They got my back always. I’m thankful for all of you!
  10. Safety and Security –  I am acknowledging my privilege. I won’t achieve what I have now if we don’t have the means to do so. It’s something I value the most and I won’t do anything that will compromise this.
  11. A Complete Home – Everything I need (and sometimes, want) is provided and is already here. Wala na akong hahanapin pa.
  12. Good food  – I’m blessed to have good food everyday because my mom’s the best at cooking and I’m glad I inherited her culinary skills. I grew up in a very “foodie” household and every weekend is a feast because we always cook the best dish there is. Hello, it’s a shame kung Kapampangan ka pero di masarap kinakain mo. Huy! Part ng kultura natin ‘yon! Haha! 
  13. Taylor Swift’s music  – Life is so much better when you are listening to good music and that’s where Taylor Swift comes into my life. I’ve been a fan since I was 13! Her lyrics are written so beautifully and each line has a significant impact in your life. Taylor’s songwriting is genius and the way she markets everything is beyond compare. She really means business. There’s a Taylor Swift song for every moment in your life, believe me.
  14. Towering Height – Imagine standing at 6’3″ at 19 years old.  There’s this fact that if you’re 6’2″ and above, you’re taller than 94% of the world. And yes, I belong to that very rare 6%. #Blessed.
  15. Good skin – Although I have occasional acne, my skin is still good because I take care of it. I’m willing to spend everything just to protect my skin!
  16. Established blog – Four years ago, I didn’t even think that this site will eventually grow and expand. I only started by sharing my daily thoughts and documenting my musings. Now, I have daily visitors from all around the world and I finally have my own domain name. My fifteen year old self would be very proud! I’m thankful for all my readers and I swear that I’ll produce great content for you all.
  17. Language Love – This won’t be possible if it weren’t for my parents. They’ve introduced me to books at a young age and that’s where I developed my vocabulary and my oral and written communication skills. I have an affinity with words.
  18. Gastronomic Skills – “Asawahin niyo yung mga marunong magluto, wag yung pacute lang. Looks fade but gutom is forever.” Excuse me,  I can do both. Kidding aside, I owe this to my Kapampangan roots. My love for cooking reaches new heights because in Pampanga, you’re exposed to a wide variety of food. Filipino pa yan or American or Japanese, name it we have it. Honestly, titikman ko pa lang yung food alam ko na kung ano yung mga ingredients na ginamit. I can deconstruct the ingredients in my mind. My taste buds should be insured for a million dollars. LOL.
  19. Aesthetic and Sartorial Appreciation – Being an artist is a big big big big blessing. You have a flair for detail in almost everything—fashion, arts, food, linguistics. I know what goes well with this, what doesn’t suit that, what tastes better, what sounds better. Basta super thankful ako na right part ng brain ko yung gumagana. 

That’s it! The 19 Things I’m thankful For.  Can’t wait to celebrate my birthday for the whole month! I’d like to thank everyone for all the birthday greetings, messages, and gifts! I appreciate them a lot! You know that. 😉 May this year be a very beautiful one!

Shot in location: 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City

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