LIFE LATELY : College Adjustments, Turning 19, and Some Unfortunate Events


Both July and August served as the “bump months” of this year. Everything was overwhelming that I didn’t have time for this online platform of mine. I’m now sharing with you another post after almost two months, instead of the customary monthly post. Here’s what happened in my digital absence…

College Adjustments. – I ain’t kidding when I say that I WAS CRYING FOR THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW because of adjustments. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a hundred percent ready for it. But because I grew up roaming around AUF, and knowing a lot of people in the university, I felt at ease because  it’s not a strange environment anymore, plus I get to see familiar faces because my high school friends are also in the same campus. Letting high school go is difficult and the extra two years made it worse! It’s like breaking up with a lover. Naks. Haha! Hirap mag move on!

Making new friends. – On a lighter note, it’s super refreshing to meet and be with like minded people. It’s absolutely a clean slate! No drama, no toxic people. Mababait ang mga blockmates ko and most of them are gc (in a good way) like me! Most of them are just like me. I just love how I share the same interests, talents, and thoughts with most of them. Pare-pareho rin kaming mahina sa Math kaya di ko nararamdaman masyado yung kabobohan ko. Kidding aside, we get along really really well and I’ve made so many friends already. They really make me happy!

Realizing that your HS grades and awards are OBSOLETE. – However, the skills and talents you’ve developed in your secondary level will be beneficial. Once you’ve mastered your learning styles, academic strengths, extra curriculars, college will be a smoother ride than usual. BUT DON’T BE COMPLACENT. Your grades and awards don’t mean anything once you set foot in college. No one will bother to ask you if you graduated with honors or not. Pantay pantay kayong lahat.

“Lowering” your academic standards. – If you excel in high school, be prepared to meet people who are smarter and more skilled than you. Look forward to more challenging subjects too. It’s not that I’m saying that you’ll flunk once you enter college but getting a good grade is now a matter of survival. You’ll be pushed beyond limits. Swertihan sa prof at singka-sipag lang talaga ang labanan. Right now, I’m not into getting that 90 above grade anymore, just as long as I pass the subjects then I’m good. But of course, I still strive harder regardless of what I achieve. NATURAL SELECTION IS COMING FOR YOU.


Dealing with Anxiety – I did prepare myself for the worst. A week after I turned 19, my lolo met an accident, fractured his femur, and was hospitalized for two weeks. What a way to welcome my 19th year, right? His surgery was successful but the findings showed a little bit of problem, we thought it was the onset of another bad sickness but thankfully, the biopsy was benign. He’s now on the road to recovery after a while.

Aside from what happened to him, one of my worries was about my course. On the last week of August, I got a relatively low prelim grade (well, low for my standards. I still passed, though.) in one major subject and this makes me think twice if I’m really in the right course. “Did I make the right choice about Psych? Or was I meant for Comm? Or should I pursue my Culinary dreams? Will I be an irregular student?” There are so many thoughts running in my mind but I know it’s just an adjustment period and I believe I can do better.

Recovering from chickenpox. –  Going back, because I was staying in the hospital for duties (in taking care of my lolo) before and after classes, I think I got the varicella virus from the people there. Therefore, chickenpox happened. I was absent for a week and guess what? I missed my prelim exams because of this. Sounds fun, right? Thankfully, my case was milder because I am vaccinated. I only had a few lesions on my arms, I only experienced malaise, and I didn’t get any on my face. I recovered faster too.

What happened is just a reminder that sometimes, no matter how positive or hopeful you are, sometimes life just tests how tough you are. Pain is inevitable and it’s something we should experience in order to be strong. In the weeks I experienced all these, I learned that you just need learn how to bend, not break. 

That’s all.

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