About Me

Andrei Paras is a twenty-three year old blogger who started way back 2011. Years later, he decided to document his love for menswear and arts through his blog.

He wears one too many hats. Andrei is a student writer, student leader, blogger, host, fashion expert, skin care guru, foodie, chef, and traveler all at once.

Andrei believes in classic fashion sense and he invests his time in dressing up well as he believes that it is a form of good manners.

He continues to share his sartorial adventures and personal musings in this blog. Andrei also gives his readers a glimpse of his life through this website.

He recently earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Angeles University Foundation. Andrei is currently deciding on pursuing further studies or his Culinary and Food Business ventures. Witness him pursue his dreams here on his self-titled blog!

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