2017 Year End Report


2018 is about to start and as per usual, it’s essay writing season once again. Most people write about howย  their 2017 went, whether it was full of rainbows and unicorns or pure tears and agony. Nevertheless, all the experiences have made us a year wiser and stronger.ย  As an optimistic person, I’d like to focus on the good things and blessings that has happened to me this year, let’s move on from the shit that had happened. True, I lost people I love, I’ve had sad moments, and I’ve made terrible mistakes but these things don’t count as a reason to not look at the positive side of things. There goes the saying, “There’s no use in crying over spilled milk, all you can do is slowly fill the glass up again.”

Instead of writing a typical and a boring year ender essay, let’s do a round up of the year that was 2017! Here are some of the things I’ve immersed myself into this 2017. Let’s relive all the experiences, blessings, and the crazy things I’ve tried!


Spending the first day of 2017 in my favorite place in Luzon. ๐ŸŒด

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Coming soon. ๐Ÿ˜„

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New Year’s Day in Subicย – The first day of the year was spent in my favorite place, Subic. It’s also where I mustered enough courage to ask my dad to stop driving in the middle of nowhere just for me to shoot. The things I’d do for my blog nga naman!

Recoย – I look forward to these school events because they’re an opportunity for me to learn new things and have fun at the same time. It’s also a chance for me to shoot so better strike while the iron is hot!


Honorsย – Didn’t see this moment coming because I’m afraid that my Chem2 grades will be my downfall, but sometimes you just have to realize that good things happen when you least expect them.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Hosting stintsย – I promised myself for years that I’ll be getting out of my comfort zone. Now, I’m slowly coming out of my shellย  by accepting hosting stints in school. I’ve had almost three or four events this year and I can’t wait for more this 2018!


Last Day Syndromeย – My first year in Senior High was the bomb, there were more fun moments than sad ones. I was surrounded by the best people on earth. I’m thankful for being part of the experimental batch of DepEd, you’ll know why soon.ย 

So I posted this when I was eating alone..

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Went out aloneย I was literally on my own. Watched a movie by myself, ate alone, went window shopping alone. It’s a fun experience because you’ll learn more about yourself! Try it guys! Nasundan pa ‘to ng maraming alone moments sa mall. I won’t ever be ashamed of eating alone in public because who the hell cares di ba?!

Learning Hangulย One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can finally read and write Hangul pero konting practice pa!ย  Little did you know that I learned how to read and write through watching YouTube lessons!ย ย #KDramaEffect


SKIN CARE LOVE –ย  My love for skin care reached new heights this 2017. I really don’t want to experience yet another bad breakout so I religiously follow a good skin care routine, which, of course, goes hand in hand with top skin care products.ย  Skin care is totally worth the investment!

Fontana with friendsย If you’re a spoiled kid from Pampanga, then you’ve probably spent every summer break in Fontana, or you enjoy your weekends in Clark. I have so much memories in this place that I decided to bring my friends with me for a day of rest and recreation. Contrary to my skin care and sunscreen addiction, I was so obsessed with my tan skin that time.


Dusk at 9th Avenue ๐Ÿ“๐ŸŒ…

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BGC shootย – Also had a chance to shoot in my favorite places down south. I loved how my pictures turned out, it just blends in with the vibe of the place. Can’t wait to go back!

Culinary adventures I finally learned how toย bake cakes and pizzas from scratch on my own! Celebrate life’s victories. #Achievement #HusbandMaterialย  (?!)

No Haircut for Three Months!ย – Start of my crazy hair journey for 2017. Good thing it didn’t worsen my acne, in fact, my skin was so clear when I had longer hair. #AngLabo. Continue reading to find out other crazy things I did to my hair!


The Beginning of an Endingย – My last first day in high school and in Holy Family Academy.ย  This year was full of extremes, it’s either you get the best of the best or worst of the worst, there’s no in between. You just have to enjoy the hell out of it though! Still stuck in limbo, I’m so confused, I don’t know what to feel about this. (Pero deep inside sukang-suka at sukong-suko na talaga ako. Charot!)

Booming Blog Statisticsย – A thousand readers in just 5 days. Imagine that! All thanks to @HFAStucOfficial!ย  Well I guess because these posts were full of helpful tips (I’m owning it, it was) and served with hot tea, which I hinted weeks before posting. (Seen from the tweet above.)

Haircut by Myself + My shortest since 2015 – Because rules are rules, you gotta count them. As absurd as it sounds, the haircut policy says that the bangs should not exceed the eyebrows so it’s either aalisin mo kilay mo o gugupitin mo buhok mo. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I immediately grabbed my scissors and did the job, I trimmed my own hair (bangs) and got a real haircut the next day. Of course, ayoko namang pumirma ng reprimand slip!ย Still, #WagTularan


18th birthday –ย  Hassle tumanda! But still, I’m thankful I made it this far and most importantly, I celebrated with the people I love. Legal na ako!!!!!!! (Pero pabigat pa rin ako sa ekonomiya at sa pamilya, joke!)

Quitting Snapchat – I feel like I’m obliged to share every single inch of my everyday routine on Snapchat, kahit na open book ako, I don’t find it healthy anymore so I quit. I’ve had mine since 2014 pa, bago pa nauso and I don’t enjoy it that much since then. It takes so much space and TIME kaya iniwan ko na, break na kami. Hahaha! Best decision ever, I suppose. Instagram stories are better!


New Taylor Swift Musicย – What a time to be alive. My Swiftie ass is shaking since the 21st of August, the day Taylor Swift posted that cryptic snake tail on her black-out social media accounts. Her hidden messages, marketing strategies, and fan theories are all genius. It came to the point thatย  I madeย  her producer, Scott Borchetta (President of Big Machine Record aka Taylor’s label)ย ย follow me on Twitter. Look what you made me do, Taylor!

Good gradesย – Those days na araw araw may exams, together with requirements pa. Literally one requirement on top of the other talaga. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it because my hard work paid off. Tatawanan mo na lang yung mga araw na ‘yon when you look back!ย  #ParaSaDiploma #RoadtoGraduation #18est18atch

Mark this tweet below, you’ll read more about it later.

Motivation for Collegeย – I’m motivated to finish school but I’m still unsure of what I’m doing. This was the start of my college application season, lahat ng websites and posts binasa ko for entrance exam tips, even sa school ang daming orientations, kapag kumakain with family and friends ito lagi yung topic and I’m just freaking out inside. I prayed so hard because it’s a new beginning and it’s about my future. And thinking about my future is already terrifying!ย  I also PAID A LOT because entrance exams pa lang mauubos na pera mo. I sincerely pray that I pass.ย Paninindigan ko ang Psychology. Whatever happens, Kayo na po ang bahala. Basta gusto ko lang matapos, yun na.ย 


Nothing like welcoming my favorite season with a positive note. Most of this year’s amazing things happened in the past four (ber) months.

So it all started with this tweet..

which led to the first highlight that is..

and I’m casually dropping hints like…

what I actually meant was…

DSPC – my first and last but still bagged the top award. Thank you Lord! One of the best memories in my academic life. I enjoyed it so much! I felt like a legit news presenter. Angeles City represent!


ACETย – My Ateneo dreams. Took the entrance test a day after competing in DSPC.ย  The exam was very (emphasis on very) difficult. I’m not expecting anything! The results will be up this January!!!!!!!

So what are you going to do after a successful week? Me:

Nothing but love for Chickenjoy. โค

HONORSย – Last for this month, I managed to achieve good marks despite all the forces against me. Sulit ang dark circles, breakouts, and taba. I hope I can maintain this until I graduate! #GradeConsciousHits


Still, I welcome the month with an optimistic mood.

Golden hour glow ๐ŸŒžโœˆ

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Recoย – Truth be told, the one I had earlier this year was the best. Nothing compares. This one was full of nice moments but was later wrapped up with so much drama which will make your head turn. But still, I’m thankful because if it weren’t for this event, another highlight will be impossible. Read on to know more about the said highlight! ๐Ÿ˜›


Start of another break – This break lasted for so long and we even had a mini break before finals. There were breaks after breaks, and back to back long weekends.ย Basta puro walang pasok! Sembreak means it’s time to binge watch and be like a couch potato again!

Oh, remember the tweet a while ago? Well I guess you have a clue already…

Technically, this was the start of my break. Finally free from all traces of school work!!!

Favorite UPCAT line goes to…

UPCATย – Oh for the love of the Philippines, you can’t just miss the UPCAT. I took the test with zero review, if meron, very insufficient naman. Bahala na! Basta the ACET was a loooot harder than UPCAT. That’s it.

Dyed my hair brownย – Also included in the crazy things I did was dyeing my hair brown! I only had it for ten days, I think? Then I went back to black again. I had no pictures but the ones I posted on my IG stories were cleverly captured that I made sure people won’t notice.

Real Talk Gameย  Oo, ako na magsasabi, I made people happy because of this game. I really make sure that the ones who joined will end up crying, laughing, or smiling, or all three. Games like this should be all about positivity, kasi sobrang toxic na ng Twitter, wag na nating dagdagan, and also becauseย most of us fail to see the goodness inside us, kaya ayun, I really pointed out the good in others, even the slightest. More games like this soon! This time, with a plot twist!


No expectations November talaga!

Another hair thing alert:

Dyed my hair twice in two weeksย – I went to school with my brown hair and everyone was pointing out that I had my hair done. Yes, I know, stop rubbing it all over my face because I’m aware! Hahaha! It’s against the rules kasi. And I was forced to go back to black because it’s our grad photo shoot the next day and I don’t want to see my grad portrait with me having brown hair.

Hmmm, have you ever wondered why I used these crossed Japanese flags?

Meanwhile,ย ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ


Literally locked myself inside my room for an hour just to listen to Rep.

Casually holding the fruit of my labor. Worth it lahat kahit distinction lang (Physics, you suck!), at least meron!


RECOGNITION x reputationย – Reputation (Taylor Swift’s new album) was released on the same day as my Quarterly Recognition. That day was one of the happiest days ever.ย  New Swift songs after 3 years and my Swift advent season was over. Behold, the new album and my certificate!

Oh by the way, the flags were for this…

UNIQLO AND BGC Featureย – Sometimes, it just pays off to give proper credits to your favorite clothing brands on Instagram. I never expected this to blow up! And for the record, I wasn’t paid. I received nothing, just plain recognition and a small number of followers. Enough na yon para sa akin.ย 

Enjoying my remaining months.

One last time.

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And there goes the annual overall award which goes to …

which lead me to think about this…

and I just noticed that I nailed it, one more time. *eyerolls Nostradamus*

Intrams – The most fattening and darkening season in school. Enjoyed my last one! Another ridiculous thing happened to me that time, if we’re close or if you’ve seen me that time, then you probably know what that is! Hahaha!


We’re down to the last chapter of 2017. Let’s make the last one a good one, honey.


Food trip and Road tripย – On the road with friends while blasting LANY’s Good Girls = Best. Feeling. Ever. Can’t thank these people enough for making the last part of my 2017 really memorable! I miss you Sophiaaaaa!!!!!!!


Love, Positivity, and Gratitude for Christmasย ย –ย  This season, it’s time to look back and reflect on the year that was. After all, I’m indeed blessed to celebrate Christmas with my complete family and friends and still receive so much blessings. No wonder why I love this season so much, I’m blessed by God with so much that all I need to do is to give thanks. I’m so happy I have no words. Thank You very much.




Partying – Another testament of my extraness, I bought a new outfit just for a debut. It’s also in this time that I started to drink, and I liked it. I’m a grown up now. I grew up way too fast. I had deeper relationships with my friends and still made new friends as well, can’t wait for more friendships and libots this 2018! I’m making the most out of it since I’m graduating in April!!!

Ending the year right – Getting enough rest after exhausting yet fun times. Ate so much in the past few days, I feel like I gained ten pounds in the blink of an eye. Things are getting so overwhelming the past few days but I’m able to stay calm and stay positive no matter what. I believe it’s all because of You.



That wraps up my 2017.ย  It has finally come to a close,ย  everything is just a memory now. This year has been a hell of a ride, sometimes you’re on top of the world, sometimes you’ll find yourself in rock bottom. Still, as cliche as it sounds, I couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s to more and new experiences this 2018!ย  I’ll keep you all posted. I vow to tolerate zero negativity this year, no more time for senseless gossip, toxic and difficult people, and whining about petty things. #NoNegativity2018. I’m all for positivity, I want peace of mind. It’s going to be amazing.

2018, you’re mine.

Coming up….

If you’ve reached this part of the post, then I can assure you that…



Happy New Year! โค