Drei Talks ‘DreiTalks’



Skin care is something I am really passionate about, like most of you know, and I do everything just to have a clear complexion.  You’ve all witnessed how much money, time, and effort I invest in skin care per se. My affinity for this started two years ago when I had a terrible case of acne. It was the worst I’ve ever had in my lifetime and my self-esteem was absolutely on the line. Nodules here and there, with pustules on the side, leaving stubborn acne scars afterwards. I felt really really bad about myself. Yikes. However, the seemingly bad situation made me discover that I do have a knack for doing skin product reviews because I tried everything I can just to cure my acne. Months and ten skin products later, my skin was at its prime. It was crystal clear and my skin quality has improved significantly.  I never thought it will be at its best. Thus, my love for skin care reached greater heights.

Last December, I thought of sharing new product reviews online because it’s been a while since I last did. But I don’t know where to post them, they weren’t blog worthy and I don’t like seeing them on my main Twitter account. Then it just occurred to me, “Why don’t I create a new handle dedicated to all my skin product reviews, lifestyle opinions and choices, and everything in between?“. Hence, I asked my Twitter followers to answer a poll about creating a new account dedicated for skin care tips, product reviews, and lifestyle talks. To my surprise, most of them wanted me to create a new one! Lo and behold, @DreiTalks was born.

Why create a new handle? It’s because I don’t want my reviews and tips to be combined with my personal tweets. I want a separate account for my lifestyle opinions because they might mix up with my personal thoughts and convictions. I want a microblog dedicated solely to skin care and lifestyle. This account is a compilation of my vanity and musings. Here I can talk about almost everything. Be it skin care, fashion, food, travel, arts, life tips, or anything I’m good at. It’s also a testament of my spontaneity because whatever comes into my mind, I usually post it here without reservations. When I get random ideas, I ask my followers to answer polls before posting. Another reason why I create polls is because I value my engagement with these people. They’re the reason why I continue doing this and they’re also one of the reasons why I get to do what I love and love what I do in return!  I post reviews about both expensive and affordable products because I have diverse followers. Some can afford proven and tested products while others settle for cheap yet effective ones. Nothing wrong with the latter, what matters is that it works!

Moving on, Why ‘DreiTalks’? Obviously, it’s just me who’s doing all the talking. Hence the name, Andrei Talks. Drei Talks. This account is a more honest @andreiparas. You guys are aware of that if you follow me on both handles!

In DreiTalks, I initially followed my friends and some loyal followers. But as days pass by, I noticed that there are other people who follow me aside from my friends and school mates. To my surprise, random people follow and message me too! Some of them are total strangers who ask for pieces of advice and I just get surprised that other people know me pala! This account is dedicated to all those who struggle with skin issues. What I love about creating this is that I get more connected to my followers and readers and this makes me value my relationship with them. It just feels so fulfilling when they send me messages that I’ve helped them, that their skin has cleared up, that I helped them gain confidence by imparting my knowledge. It just makes me instantly happy that I’m able to extend a helping hand to others. May magandang epekto naman pala mga capricho ko. Haha! And recently, this got me thinking if I should consider taking up medicine after I finish my course. I want to see myself become a dermatologist who owns a clinic and who develops his own skin products. Ahhh, what a concept! I’ll do my best to make it happen and not just let it become a ‘concept’. Who knows what’s going to happen next? Follow me @DreiTalks!

Photos by Verneil Batiller, HMUA: Carmela Cunan, as seen on FOCUS magazine January issue